Federal Judge Orders Conservative Cyber-Bully To Apologize To Woman He Terrorized (IMAGES)

Brian Kolfage is a man who knows pain and suffering. In 2004, Kolfage was a senior airman in the Air Force stationed in Iraq when an attack on a forward operating base took both of his legs and one of his hands. Brian fought back, and in a truly inspirational story is able to walk again and lead a productive life.

Anything good about Brian Kolfage stops there.

For more than two years, Kolfage has been in a battle with not only liberals but conservative veterans over what can only be described as a serious error in judgement. Kolfage runs an extremely popular extreme right-wing Facebook page; the typical “Obama is a Muslim who wants your guns” page liberals love to laugh at.

Brian, presumably thinking his injuries make him exempt from any kind of criticism, went on a crusade against a woman from Massachusetts based on a single Facebook post. To this day nobody seems to be able to pin down exactly where this post came from, though there are theories, but one thing is for certain, it wasn’t from the woman Kolfage accused.

The post was shared far and wide. Here it is as it still appears on Allen West’s blog, with the picture of the woman accused edited out:


That post, which many call a complete fabrication due to the different sized lettering of Vrotsos and Kolfage’s names, sent Kolfage down a road of cyber-bullying that is a disgrace to the uniform he used to wear.

Kolfage investigated this woman, found out where she lived, her telephone number and where she retired from. He posted that information on his page, and it was shared so much it still pops up every now and then. His supporters are still calling for the head of a woman over sixty who had never even heard of Brian Kolfage before this happened.

This is what Kolfage used to rally his gun-toting, anger issue bearing, “you can’t do that to a wounded vet” spouting base of cretins, again with pictures and personal info blacked out:


Kolfage made this call to arms, and his fans responded. Janet Vrotsos was inundated with phone calls, emails and letters. Her life was threatened repeatedly. Her elderly mother was harassed. Jan’s life was turned upside-down over something she had absolutely nothing to do with.

An internet battle for the ages was born. Liberals began demanding that the information on Jan be taken down. Even some conservative veterans, those with honor, came to Jan’s defense. On the flip side, Kolfage and his groupies continued their relentless attacks.

Kolfage took the “poor me, I’m a veteran” approach, which worked well. It’s difficult to ignore the fact that Kolfage made such an incredible sacrifice in the service of his country, but there comes a point when that sacrifice no longer outweighs his behavior.

Kolfage eventually took his “poor me” excuse to federal court, with the help of a lawyer who is representing him pro bono. Brian brought a suit against seven defendants; five liberals and two conservatives. They were accused of lying about him, defaming his character and putting HIS family at risk.

After a year of litigation, with the defendants mostly representing themselves, Brian realized he wasn’t going to get any satisfaction from at least five of the defendants. There would be no $1.5M each judgement against them. He instead offered them settlement agreements.

On May 29, those agreements were enforced, and the case against those five defendants was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it can’t be filed again.

In the dismissal, the judge ruled in favor of the defendants, plaintiff to take nothing:


The settlement agreements, which were enforced on the same day, have each party agreeing to not “disparage” each other and to make every attempt possible to take down anything disparaging posted against one-another.

Basically it’s a “go to opposite ends of the playground” agreement.

In the settlement conference, defendant Paul Loebe also stipulated that Kolfage write an apology to Jan Vrotsos. Kolfage agreed, and the judge gave him 30 days to comply.

You can view the transcripts of that settlement agreement HERE.

This entire incident is extremely unfortunate. Brian Kolfage is a public figure and a wounded American warrior. For him to act with such vicious disregard for a retired woman who did nothing wrong is unconscionable.

He needs to learn that being wounded in Iraq doesn’t give him the right to destroy the lives of innocent people.

There is good news on that note. A suit has been filed against Kolfage in a Tennessee federal court, and it looks like Jan Vrotsos may be added as a plaintiff. With the mountain of evidence of what Kolfage did to the people suing him, it’s unlikely he’ll walk away with a “don’t say nasty things” settlement.

What goes around comes around.

Read the entire story of Brian Kolfage and Jan Vrotsos HERE.

Full Disclosure: Several of the defendants named in Kolfage’s lawsuit are or have been affiliated with Addicting Info.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube