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Father Of Dead Soldier Skewers Tom Cotton For Being A War-Hungry, Money-Hungry Hawk

The thing that always shocks me about Republican hawks is they usually have no family members – let alone their own children – serving in the military. Yet they are the first ones to foam at the mouth for wars. God knows they won’t put on the nation’s uniform and serve, so they’ll have someone else do their dirty bidding for them (while they bid for the highest paying contractor). So it always puts a smile on my face to see a veteran, a troop, or a parent who has lost a child in war skewer these cowardly hawks.

Thankfully, the newest war-monger Senator, Tom Cotton (R-AR), who has served in the military, was put in his place by a father whose son died in Afghanistan.

Sitting next to Tom Cotton at a foreign policy discussion at Johns Hopkins University was Fred Boenig, whose son died in 2010. After Cotton was through bashing President Obama for his “dangerous” vision in Iran and other foreign affairs, he asked Boeing about a set of pins he was wearing.

Cotton probably didn’t expect the epic smackdown he was about to get.

The four pins Boeing was wearing represent his four children who actively serve in the United States military. With one deceased and three still serving, Boenig says Cotton’s vision makes him hear “somebody knocking at my door again” with news of another one of his children dying. He then asked the Senator to identify when the last United States servicemen had died, something Cotton couldn’t answer. B0enig informed Cotton it was 58 days since the last solider had died,  and asked when America can truly hand the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

“There’s no definite answer because our enemies get a vote in this process. I’m deeply sorrowful for your loss and I greatly honor the service that all of your children have rendered, like all of our veterans do. But in the end the best way to honor our veterans….,” Cotton started, before Boenig answered, “Is to have more killed?”

Boenig then skewered Cotton for then attending private meetings with defense contractors after provoking Iran with his treasonous letter:

“It’s very clear what your views are sir. My views are keeping our kids safe, which include my children. Now that you have a child, you will understand. When you speak of sending our kids again, let’s make it worth it not just to send them to politically help some Haliburton or somebody else.”

Cotton’s first born child, Gabriel, was born just two months ago. Perhaps that child will light a spark of sympathy in Cotton’s seemingly empty, money hungry heart.

“He handled it the way I expected him to handle it,” Boenig said after the discussion. “He’s a hawk. I’m a tree-hugging, peace-loving, gay wedding, you know, whatever. I was a conservative my whole life, but it all changed.”

Bravo, Fred Boenig. Tom Cotton will never understand until his boy one days serves, if he ever does. If his father has anything to say about it, he might one day.

Watch the exhancge here, via All In With Chris Hayes and MSNBC:

Father whose son died in Afghanistan asks Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): “When do we get to hang up the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner?”

Posted by All In with Chris Hayes on Friday, June 5, 2015

Image via Gage Skidmore