This Man Just Dropped A Roofie In Her Drink…And She Thanked Him For It (VIDEO)

This man goes around from bar to bar dropping roofies — “date rape drugs” — into women’s drinks. But instead of getting arrested and charged with a crime, his victims — and sometimes even their dates and friends — thank him for doing it.

Meet Joey Salads, an incorrigible video prankster who keeps getting away with his mischief and mayhem because his manic antics often prove important — and scarily overlooked — points.

This time is no exception. In this video, Joey Salads rigs a series of bars up with hidden cameras, so he can prove how frighteningly easy it is to slip a roofie in an unsuspecting victim’s drink. He then strikes up conversations with women — sometimes with their significant other sitting right there — and casually slips a little something into the woman’s drink when nobody’s watching.

It’s shocking, how easy it is for Joey Salads to slip a roofie into various women’s drinks. When she’s about to pick up her glass, he warns, “I wouldn’t drink that if I were you,” and then explains how easy it was for him to drop in a date rape drug.

Instead of getting angry, the women — and their dates — generally thank Joey Salads profusely for warning them. And that’s a wonderful thing. The only thing this writer objects to about Joey Salad’s brilliant social experiment is the fact that we still have to worry about creepers attacking and drugging women at all.

Unfortunately, women are still being held responsible for behavior they have no control over. In the best of all possible worlds, Joey Salads would spend less time shaming women for lack of vigilance and more time shaming douchebag rapists who drug women’s drinks…But since we live in this world, we women need to keep ourselves safe.

Watch Joey Salads’ Roofie Experiment.

Photo: Joey Salads/Roofie Experiment/YouTube.