In Touch Magazine Destroys Duggars For Lying On Fox News

Instead of taking responsibility for their son Josh’s child molestation crimes and the cover-up, Jim Bob and Michelle blatantly lied and blamed everyone but themselves. And In Touch magazine destroyed them for it.

As Americans watched Fox News host Megyn Kelly interview the conservative “Christian” Duggar parents on Wednesday night, In Touch was busy counting how many times they made false statements and false accusations, and they called bullshit on the Duggars the very next day.

In a new report, In Touch listed 7 times the reality show couple misinformed the public in a further effort to cover up the truth and make excuses for their child molester son.

According to In Touch, one of the biggest lies uttered by Jim Bob and Michelle is their claim that they cooperated fully with the police in 2006, but the police report clearly shows that just isn’t true.

(T)he Springdale police report, obtained by In Touch through FOIA, reveals that Jim Bob refused to produce Josh for a police-requested interview and stopped cooperating with the probe. “On Tuesday, December 19, 2006 at approximately 1300 hours D. Hignite received a voice mail from Jim Bob Duggar in reference to the interview with [redacted, Josh]. Det. Hignite received a voice mail from Mr. Duggar stating that [redacted, Josh] had hired an attorney and will not be coming in for interview.”

Jim Bob and Michelle also lied about what parents can do when it comes to making decisions for their kids. During the interview, they claimed that the law allows parents to do what’s in the best interest of their children, but once again, the law is not on the Duggars’ side.

Law professor Michael Johnson, a former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, tells In Touch: “It is possible that investigators looking into this case could have cited the parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar with Arkansas Code 5-27-221 ‘Permitting Abuse of a Minor.’ Having once learned of the behavior, they recklessly allowed it to continue. This crime is a class D felony because the abuse consisted of sexual contact with a minor. The maximum penalty for permitting this type of abuse under Arkansas Code 5-4-401 is six years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.”

So Josh Duggar isn’t the only family member who has escaped prosecution and punishment all these years. By all rights, Jim Bob and Michelle should have been put behind bars and their show, which would never have happened, probably would be called “16 Kids and Counting Down Our Years In Prison”. Frankly, the seriousness of their crimes should still warrant prison time and a hefty fine, the statute of limitations be damned.

In Touch also addresses Jim Bob’s claim that Springdale Police Chief Kathy O’Kelley was bribed to release Josh Duggar’s police record.

In Touch has a paper trail that proves city attorneys reviewed the FOI request and approved the records’ release. Further, Jim Bob’s “bribe or personal agenda” explanation for the records’ release loses all credibility in light of the fact that a SECOND police report detailing Josh’s crimes was obtained by In Touch magazine through FOIA.

That second report comes from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and the Springdale police chief has no involvement in deciding if those records can be released.

The magazine then blasted alleged former attorney Megyn Kelly, who went along with the Duggars to suggest that the records were “illegally” obtained. But that isn’t true either.

As it turns out, the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette spoke to a Little Rock attorney who specializes in public records cases and he said that the agencies “had no choice” but to honor the Freedom of Information Act requests because the documents were properly redacted and Josh had reached the age of majority when the request was made.

You can read the rest of the In Touch report here.

Since the interview aired, it has been roundly criticized by the media and the public as just another effort to excuse the crimes and the cover-up.

Even Fox News host Greg Gutfield slammed the Duggars for using their religion as a shield to excuse child molestation. And Mike Huckabee apparently noticed the disastrous interview as well since he is now making an effort to distance himself from his biggest supporters.

And it’s not like we weren’t warned that the interview would be nothing more than a platform for the Duggars to try to further cover-up their crimes. Megyn Kelly herself admitted that she was basically going to conduct a softball interview instead of asking tough questions like a real attorney and journalist would do. Instead, Kelly let them lie repeatedly and failed to challenge their claims.

Rather than clear up the mess they got themselves into and answer for their actions and hypocrisy, the Duggars have only dug themselves a deeper hole that Republicans, nor Fox News, will be able to help them climb out of.

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