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Pat Robertson Says Porn Leads To Demonic Possession (VIDEO)

Right-wing Christian Pat Robertson is known for his absolutely insane commentary on his show The 700 Club. He once said the people of Haiti were responsible for the earthquake that devastated their country because they “swore a pact with the devil” during the Haitian Revolution. Then there was the time he told a wife to forgive her husband for his drunken gay affair–unless he was a “habitual homosexual.” Oh, and let’s not forget when he warned viewers that “cultists” may curse them through their Facebook pictures. The nutter’s list of crazy goes on and on, but yesterday he outdid himself when he told his viewers that x-rated movies lead to demonic possession.

During his show on Wednesday, Robertson read a letter from a concerned mother who wondered if her son’s mental illness was “God’s punishment” because she had an Ouija board in her house when he was young. Robertson replied that it’s possible because she invited demons into her home with the game, like a women he once heard of who watched porn and became possessed:

“I don’t know if God’s punishing you, but you can open the door to demons. There was one lady I heard about who was demon possessed, the demon was being cast out and the demon said, ‘I had permission.’ And permission was that this particular person had gone to a x-rated movie and had gotten all these sex things….so you gave the demon permission to come into your home when you had the Ouija board.”

Whaaaa??! I don’t think the lady who watched the adult movies was possessed; that’s not why she was acting different. Clearly Robertson doesn’t know how the female body works any more than the rest of the men in his political party.

Robertson went on to tell the mother that her son “may need professional help” but she should also think about getting an exorcism to “close the door and send the demon away.”

Not only is Robertson a complete nutjob, or suffering from dementia in his old age (or both), but he is irresponsible. Mental illness is a very serious problem in the country and praying it away does not work. Praying away mental illness is about as effective as praying away the gay. People who suffer from those problems (mental illness, not being gay) don’t need Jesus, they need a doctor, therapy, and medication.

This is why we can’t have nice things! Millions of people watch this idiot, take his terrible advice and then we watch things like Sandy Hook unfold on television.


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