Fox News Host Blasts Duggars For Using Religion As A Shield To Excuse Child Molestation (VIDEO)

Fox News host Greg Gutfield had the courage to stand up to conservatives who have jumped to defend the Duggar family, slamming them for using religion as a shield and for being hypocrites.

When the hosts of The Five convened on Wednesday, Greg Gutfield absolutely destroyed the Duggars for hiding behind their Bibles to get Josh Duggar off the hook for molesting his sisters while they slept and then asked if conservatives would still go all out to protect the Duggars if they were Muslims instead of conservative Christians.

After advertising Megyn Kelly’s interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Juan Williams asked if the backlash against the Duggars is because of their Christian values. Here’s how Gutfield responded, and he didn’t hold back.

GUTFIELD: “There’s a backlash against them because they have a sick son who molested, maybe his siblings, and was protected by it. That’s why. In the context, confession for some people is a way out of heinous activity. Sick creeps are saying ‘I have been forgiven,’ and therefore isn’t enough I’ve suffered. They’re using religion as a shield and that’s disgusting. To me that’s disgusting.”

Williams then brought up Mike Huckabee, who accused the media of having “an insensitive blood-thirst” over sins that should stay in the past just so they can attack the Duggars. Gutfield had a response to that, too.

GUTFIELD: “Yeah, I guess though when you put your entire family on TV that is bound to happen. But I wonder, if Josh were a member of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) would forgiveness by Huckabee or anybody else be as discussed like this. If the Duggars weren’t a part of a religious team that you belong to, would you be as sympathetic? A criminal who exalts an organized religion that you belong to will be treated better than a criminal that is not part of your religious group. So if I were to commit a crime, because I’m not religious, I would be seen as less sympathetic as a Duggar doing a more heinous crime because he’s part of your religious team. That’s wrong!”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Indeed, conservative “Christians” like Mike Huckabee have relentlessly defended Josh Duggar since revelations that he molested his sisters became public knowledge. And they have excused his crimes by claiming that God has forgiven Josh. But not too long ago, Huckabee wrote a 2009 op-ed condemning director Roman Polanski for raping a child in 1977 and getting away it by fleeing America.

Polanski’s crime had occurred over 30 years ago, while Josh Duggar committed his crimes just over a decade ago. Like Polanski, Duggar also escaped punishment for his crimes. His parents covered up his crimes and the statute of limitations ran out. But Huckabee, who decried ” different rules based on a person’s gender, ethnicity, religion or political party” clearly thinks there are different rules for the Duggars because they are conservative “Christians” who support his political career.

The Duggars are hypocrites who use their religion as a shield while trying to force their twisted moral code upon everyone else. Of course, the same standards don’t apply to them. For years, they have accused gay and transgender people of being a threat to children while they housed and protected a child molester under the same roof with his victims. And now they expect everyone to give them a break because they claim God and prayer made everything better. If that’s the case, then let’s release every murderer and rapist in prison because you can bet they’ll also claim that God forgives them for their crimes as well.

This is why religious doctrine should never be allowed to replace the civil law in this country.

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