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It Took Despicable Right-Wingers Less Than A Day To Disrespect Beau Biden (SCREENSHOTS)

The news that Vice President Joe Biden’s son lost his battle with brain cancer hit hard for parents all across America. The thought of losing a child is by far the most unimaginable tragedy a parent could ponder.

Joe Biden has now lived this nightmare twice.

The political world came to a standstill Sunday morning as Democrats and Republicans alike stopped, even if only for a quick mention on social media, offered condolences, well-wishes, sympathy, and prayers for the Vice President and his family.

Supporters from both sides of the political spectrum likewise offered their thoughts and prayers. Many conservatives made statements that began with, “I don’t like Joe Biden or agree with his politics, but…” The “but” being followed by an expression of sympathy and humanity.

Americans are well known for coming together during times of tragedy to aid and comfort each other, setting aside our differences for a more important purpose. From Oklahoma City to 9/11, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and all the tragedy in between, we have an undeniable ability to show why our flag includes the colors red AND blue.

That being said, not all Americans are capable of empathy. While Republican politicians and their supporters may be showing some humanity today, the disdain they’ve created with shiny objects of propaganda and lies has made it impossible for some to overcome their hate:



These absolutely despicable displays of disrespect for a public servant and a military veteran show just how shallow a person has to be to belong to the Republican base. Responding to the outpouring of sympathy from fellow GOPers, this conservative at least admitted his shortcomings:


Yes, they are better than you.

Then there are the true bottom-feeders, not at all hiding their shameful lack of compassion:


Completely ignoring the only sane person in the conversation, these right-wingers go right for the throat of the President.

This guy is upset with his fellow Republicans; showing empathy for a Democrat for any reason makes them fools:



You have to love when someone this reprehensible mentions prayer.

Social media has been a mosh pit for shameful haters to kick things since its inception, but this?



This is just wrong.

This is the atmosphere Republicans have created with their constant doom and gloom, their unabridged malcontent for the administration and their putrid attacks on everything America stands for.

While it was refreshing to see the majority support Vice President Biden and his family, the fact that this kind of resentment aimed at such a loss can exist at all is a warning sign on the road of progress.

Or maybe it’s the Illuminati:



All images are screen captures of public posts on Facebook