If Fox’s Interview With Duggars Takes 6 Minutes, That’ll Double Its Scandal Coverage (VIDEOS)

Ever since Josh Duggar’s child molesting scandal broke the Internet, all the major news outlets have been chasing down the Duggar family for that first interview. Surprise! This dubious but much-sought-after prize goes to Fox “News.”

Deadline Hollywood reports Megyn Kelly will interview Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. EST on The Kelly File. And if Kelly’s interview takes six minutes, that will be more than double the amount of airtime Fox has devoted to the Josh Duggar scandal so far.

That’s right. Media Matters reports that — as of May 27 — Fox had only spent one minute and 20 seconds (1:20) on covering this jaw-dropping story. Add in the one minute and 46 second (1:46) segment from Fox’s Four4Four that appeared later that day and the total adds up to a whopping three minutes and six seconds (3:06) of news coverage on a guy who makes his living calling gay people child molesters turning out to be a child molester. You can scroll down to watch the videos.

The lack of news coverage on the Duggars makes total sense, given that Fox hasn’t become the most watched “news” network by telling their right-wing audience things they don’t want to hear, like that their favorite holy-roller “Christian” family raised a kid who sexually abuses children. Of course, this all happened when Josh was only 14… But since he hasn’t received any real psychological treatment, who’s to say he won’t sexually assault a child again? Or that he hasn’t already?

Rehabilitate the Duggars? Megyn Kelly’s the perfect woman for the job.

Of course, Fox News will go easy on the Duggars, given the standpoint of all those right-wing, “family values” Duggar fans — Kelly’s the perfect woman for the job.

Why? They’re all hoping Kelly will give the Duggars the Dick Cheney treatment. In Kelly’s interview with former vice president and war criminal Dick Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney, last July, she pulled off an amazing bait and switch maneuver. Left wingers and centrists cheered her for challenging the elder Cheney for screwing up in Iraq (“The suggestion is that YOU caused this mess, Mr. Vice President. What say you?”). Alas, they didn’t bother watching the entire segment. Ten minutes in, Kelly backpedals, claims the Obama administration praised the surge back in 2010, and gently tossed Liz a puff-ball question to promote her bogus “grassroots group” Alliance for a Strong America.

What most of us don’t get about the right-wing Christian “family values” crowd is that, despite all their moralizing, they still adore the Duggar family. The sooner the Duggars get punished and beg for “forgiveness” on live TV by the only news network they bother to watch, the sooner fans of the Duggar family can “forgive” them and start watching their much-loved show again. Sure, TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting and probably won’t touch them with a 10-foot-pole. But another network might take them, or they could follow in Sarah Palin’s footsteps and start their own danged channel on the Internet.

Here’s Fox’s only “news” report from the Josh Duggar scandal via Media Matters (1:46):

And here’s Fox’s Four4Four segment with their panel discussion on TLC taking the Duggar family’s show off the air:

Photo: Composite: Megyn Kelly cc 2012 Mat Gagnon | Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar cc 2006/Wikipedia.