W. VA GOP Set To Waste More Taxpayer Dollars Defending Unconstitutional Abortion Law (VIDEO)

Republicans claim they’re all about cutting costs and not wasting taxpayer dollars. But if that’s really true, why do the state legislatures they control keep passing laws that are flat-out unconstitutional and bound to face expensive legal challenges?

The West Virginia Gazette reports that a ban on abortions after 20 weeks goes into effect on Wednesday, despite concerns about whether the law violates the Constitution. W. Va. Democrats opposed the anti-choice bill and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (also a Democrat) vetoed it, but the Republican controlled legislature overrode the veto. Naturally, the state’s Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has vowed to defend the stringent anti-choice law.

And, alas, W. Va. Democrats are hardly blameless. Their leadership cleared a very similar bill:

The Republican Legislature passed the ban overwhelmingly this year. Democratic leadership cleared a similar bill last year. Both times, Tomblin used his veto pen, though he still reaffirmed his anti-abortion record after both decisions.

It seems strange that a cash-strapped state like West Virginia would devote so much energy to a law that affects so few people. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only six abortions were performed after 20 weeks in 2014. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already called the law unconstitutional. Although they haven’t yet discussed any legal action, they may be mulling a legal challenge.

Jennifer Meinig, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of West Virginia, said a lawsuit can be brought by an individual woman or a doctor on behalf of patients.

The anti-abortion law makes very few exceptions. Even women at risk for suicide would be forced to continue their pregnancies, and doctors could lose their licenses — even if they consider an abortion necessary for a woman’s health. While eleven states have a 20-week ban on abortions, the language of this particular law claims a fetus can feel pain after 20 weeks. That assertion is scientifically unproven, and a similar anti-choice law in Arizona was struck down in 2013.

W.Va 20-week abortion ban expected to face legal challenge.

W. Va.’s governor and other Democrats aren’t the only ones concerned about the state having to fend off lawsuits.  GOP Delegate Mike Azinger told TNC he also expects the 20-week abortion ban to face a legal challenge. In fact, these so-called “Christians” would probably relish a legal challenge as another chance to waste taxpayer money while crying about “persecution”.

“I think they’re waiting for it to go into effect. We’ll see what happens. But there’s definitely a buzz that there’s going to be a challenge. So let there be a challenge.”

Here’s the video from TNC with the report on W. Va.’s anti-abortion bill.

Featured image: Video screen grab/”Elephant in the Womb – Animal Development”/Naked Science.