Josh Duggar Laughs At His Own Incest Joke, Because Incest Is Funny Stuff (VIDEO)

The Christian right is falling all over itself defending Josh Duggar for being a child molester. They claim that 14-year-old boys don’t know right from wrong and that since Duggar has made his peace with God, all is forgiven.

From former Arkansas Governor and Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee all the way down to the gay-bashing, holier than thou trash that actually watch 19 Kids and Counting, one talking point is abundantly clear:

We should all forgive Josh Duggar because he learned his lesson, way back then, and has put that horrible moment in his life behind him.

As this video from 2008 shows, Josh Duggar thinks incest is a laughing matter, most likely because he got away with it:

If Josh Duggar, remorseful as all get out about what he did to his sisters, was really as remorseful about his actions as he professes, would this have been something appropriate to joke about years later?

Imagine how his victims felt when they saw it. Oh, that’s right, we’re not allowed to talk about his victims. They’ve forgiven him as well, because God has.

The police report released this week and making its way across social media doesn’t show a young boy who was curious and repentant, it shows a monster who sexually assaulted five girls, including his own sisters, who should have been charged as a sexual predator and a felon.

Josh Duggar isn’t a hero, he isn’t a model of how a good Christian operates, he’s a child molester walking the streets because his family and a pedophile covered for him.

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube