Christian Minister Sentenced To Jail In The Name Of Right-Wing ‘Religious Freedom’ (VIDEO)

An Alabama minister was arrested and recently sentenced to 30 days in jail after attempting to exercise her right to religious freedom. The pastor attempted to perform a legal marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple at the Autauga County probate office on February 10, 2015.

Anne Susan DePrizio, a nondenominational minister, was living out her own understanding of the Christian religion, when judge Al Booth, whom she described as “aggressive, hateful, rude and not gentlemanly,” lashed out at her and the same-sex couple she was preparing to marry. The couple had just received their legal marriage license, following a federal court ruling that overturned Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage.

As DiPrizio attempted to preside over the ceremony, not one, but six police officers showed up at the courthouse to arrest her.

The 44-year-old ordained minister said she went to the courthouse that day ready and excited to provide services to any same-sex couple that wanted to marry.

When the judge learned of her intentions, however, he flew into a rage. Diprizio told MSNBC:

“I gave him the courtesy of letting him know that it was my intent to marry this couple because he is no longer doing that service, and that’s what set him off.”

Following her arrest, the minister said that she believed that the police were called as a form of intimidation.

“They were there to arrest me, so they did. I didn’t know what they were charging me with because I did not commit any crime. It says here ‘disorderly conduct’ [on the form for bond,] which is not true. It’s just a way to intimidate.”

She was taken to the Autauga Metro Jail, where she was held for several hours, before posting a $1,ooo bond.

DiPrizio was arrested one day after a federal court lifted Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage. Following the ruling, Chief Justice Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court ordered probate judges to defy the federal court’s order, in a last-ditch effort to keep bigotry alive.

Judge Booth placed a halt on all Autauga County marriage licenses in defiance of the federal court order. By all rights, Judge Booth and Justice Moore should have been held in contempt of court. Instead, the police arrested DiPrizio.

David Pakman covered the story on his show in February, shortly after DiPrizio was arrested.

On Monday, May 18, 2015, while representing herself in court, the minister plead guilty to “disorderly conduct” and was sentenced to 30 days jail time, which was then suspended, in exchange for six months unsupervised probation and hefty court fines.

Sweet Homophobic Alabama…

While the right-wing claims that their anti-gay agenda is all about ‘religious freedom,’ it’s clear that if they are allowed to retain power, the religious freedom of anyone who does not share their hateful, bigoted views will be completely annihilated. DiPrizo was arrested for attempting to perform a completely legal marriage ceremony. Other pastors have been arrested for protesting right-wing policies and circulating recall petitions. During the protests in Ferguson, St. Mark’s Church was repeatedly raided by police, who accused church leaders of offering shelter and aid to anti-violence protesters. Even elderly nuns are arrested and sent to jail, under the right-wing version of ‘religious freedom.’

In case it isn’t clear, ‘freedom’ to them literally means oppressing and suppressing everyone who does not share their agenda of hate.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture via David Pakman Show on YouTube