If You Want To See The Josh Duggar Police Report For Yourself, Look No Further (IMAGES)

If you’re one of the masses following the reality television star and ex-leader of the Family Research Council Josh Duggar molestation charges cover-up, you’re likely aware that as of May 21, it was stated that the police report containing the accusations against Duggar was destroyed. Perhaps that’s true, but recently InTouch somehow managed to secure a copy of the report that alleges the conservative star molested several young girls, including his sisters, anyhow, and has since made it available to the public. You can view it below:

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Duggar, as is now well known, has already admitted to the charges and has since resigned from his position as the head of the Family Research Council, all jokes in poor taste about “family research” aside. But the taint of cover-up and favoritism reeks to the Duggar’s high heaven when taken all in, with the way young Joshy was handled after committing the acts, who he stayed with, the conveniently lapsed statute of limitations and who he’s become, as a person – what he stands for – and the fact that he’s never spent a lick of time being weighed on Lady Justice’s scales for what he’s done.

Instead, the Duggars, along with a few higher-ups in the community, just swept it under God’s great rug (which really ties the heavens together), and act like all has been forgiven. American law be damned – they’ve cleared it with God, so it’s all good. Just move along, kindly, and let Josh Duggar get back to preaching against homosexuality and claiming they’ll molest your kids, please and thank you. Good day.

Judge Stacey Zimmerman allegedly ordered the police report against Josh Duggar destroyed in order to protect the names of the victims. At least one victim is said to have concerns that an “unredacted copy” would be publicized, thereby revictimizing the victims unintentionally in an effort to pin Josh Duggar to the wall. As a result that victim, simply referred to as “Jane Doe,” allegedly requested the destruction of the record.

But considering who Josh Duggar is, the nature of his platform, presence and agenda, coupled with his delinquent past, the public demand to know more is quite great. And so, in compromise, that is exactly what InTouch has done. It’s given the public a copy of the report against Duggar while protecting the identities of the victims. Considering everything, it’s likely even Lady Justice can see how much sense that makes. Too many ivory towers have been built on foundations of sawdust. It’s no wonder we all love it when the wind blows.

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