Tennessee Pastor Allegedly Stole $60,000 From Church, Spent It On Gay Dating Sites (VIDEO)

Back in January, WJHL learned that police had discovered Tennessee pastor Boyd Holder having sex with “an individual” in a white van, which was parked in the parking lot of a vacant building. The married pastor was engaged in a sex act with an unnamed person, who was definitely not his wife. The white van belonged to Victory Apostolic Church. According to the station, police let him go with a warning about having sex in public.

After learning of the incident, church members became suspicious of the “pastor” and started investigating his use of church finances. According to a former church member who spoke to Kingsport Times-News, after coming to the church in 2010, Holder managed to obtain a “stranglehold” on the church. It wasn’t long before he was the only person with the ability to access church funds.

After pouring over church financial documents, board members found that somewhere between $70,000 and $100,000 was missing. They confronted him in February. Former board member Lyle Kincheloe told the Kingsport Times-News that the people who questioned Holder, including church board members, were kicked out of the church by Holder.

A police report from February 15, shows that authorities were called out to the church after the pastor allegedly assaulted an unidentified man during that day’s church service.

According to the Kingsport Times-News:

“A man told police that when he visited to worship, Holder ordered him to leave. Holder reportedly demanded the visitor do so because he, ‘was not there for the right reasons.’

“When the complainant again refused — offering that he only ‘wanted to enjoy the service’ — Holder allegedly, ‘grabbed him by his belt and attempted to lift him out of the pew.’ It was after other church members “politely” asked the man to leave that he complied, then called police to report the incident.

Church members also took their concerns to the police, who opened up their own investigation into Holder’s handling of church finances. He was ultimately charged with theft over $60,000 and money laundering. A Sullivan County grand jury returned an indictment against Holder on May 20.

Representatives of two online websites, Online Buddies and Farmers Only, were brought in to testify during the grand jury hearing. Online Buddies describes itself as “the world’s largest gay brand, with over 10 million members around the world”. Farmers Only is a dating website geared toward people who live in rural communities. The site provides dating options for men looking for men and men looking for women.

According to WJHL:

“We found a profile picture on one of the dating sites that is identical to the picture that was on Holder’s Facebook page Friday morning, before he apparently shut down his Facebook account. The only difference between the two pictures is you can’t see the person’s face on the dating site profile.”

Victory Apostolic Church members would like to believe that this is an isolated incident. Unfortunately, con-artist religious figures are a lot more common than most Christians are willing to admit. That’s a part of the problem. Believers are so vulnerable to being deceived, lied to, taken advantage of and stolen from because they think that everyone who professes to be religious, really is.

At least in this case church members weren’t so infatuated with their chosen religious idol that they refused to question anything he did. On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder, if Holder wasn’t suspected of having gay sex, would those members have questioned him at all?

Here’s more on this story from WJHL.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture WJHL.com