Fat-Shaming Bullies Skulk In Silence While Hollywood Throws ‘Dancing Man’ The Best Party Ever (VIDEO)

In February, cyberbullies cruelly fat-shamed a plus-sized gentleman who had the nerve to dance and have fun in public. First they laughed at him, then they posted photos of him on the Internet, where they went viral. It’s the kind of scenario that gives us nightmares, but this time the victim got the last laugh.

While the anonymous, pasty-faced, fat-shaming bullies skulk in the blue glow of their computer screens while tapping away on keyboards in their parents’ basement, “Dancing Man” (AKA #DancingMan) is out partying with the stars. That’s right. This weekend, Sean O’Brien’s the toast of the town, as Los Angeles hipsters and celebrities throw him the best dance party ever to teach meanies a lesson. But first, the Today Show kicked off the festivities in New York with an interview and a surprise musical guest.

When asked what he thought about his sudden celebrity status, O’Brien told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie:

“It’s completely surreal. It’s something I never thought would happen to me. It’s completely amazing. There’s so many good people out there in the world, and what did happen to me, it touched a lot of nerves. The more we can do and the better we can do [against] cyber-bullying is fantastic.”

O’Brien adds that he’s glad “there’s so many good people out there in the world,” and that the fat-shaming photo has brought people together and helped people raise awareness about body image and bullying. The dance party has also raised over $70,000 for Cybersmile Foundation, a UK-based non-profit that fights cyberbullying.

“We raised some money for charity, we got some more money coming in, and we’re just really trying to help people know there is support out there. There will always be bad in the world, but there’s far more good people.”

O’Brien wryly admits that he dances “a lot. But badly. Very, very badly,” then drew more friendly laughs when he said he looks forward to meeting “girls” in L.A. But he then explained that he meant he can’t wait to meet the women who planned Saturday night’s fabulous dance party for him. That’s when Today’s hosts informed O’Brien that there’s someone else who wants to meet the “Dancing Man.”

Meghan Trainor — a buxom beauty who is no stranger to body-shaming — then made a grand entrance, and pulled O’Brien onto the stage with her for a pre-dance party. Then, Trainor performed her body-positive  hit, “All About That Bass,” while she and O’Brien had fun dancing on stage. “You’re amazing,” she declared as she gave the “Dancing Man” a big hug.

Watch “Dancing Man” O’Brien on the Today Show.


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For those of you who haven’t been following this heartwarming #DancingMan story, it all started in February. The fat-shaming bullies not only enjoyed a laugh at O’Brien’s expense, they uploaded the photo to 4Chan and cruelly captioned it:

“Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

From there, the photo went viral on Imgur, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

Sean O'Brien, the "Dancing Man." Image via imgur.

Sean O’Brien, the “Dancing Man.” Image via imgur.

It’s horrible to think about how some of us would take pleasure from making another human being look so sad. Luckily, the world has more nice people than mean ones. A Twitter user reached out, and the search for #DancingMan began.

A kind-hearted Los Angeles singer-songwriter followed up with an offer few men would refuse: An invitation from Leigh and 1,727 of her lady friends to a dance party in his honor.

A woman named Cassandra than launched the quest to #FindDancingMan, and O’Brien finally caught up with his new fans.

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for the party, which was held on Saturday at the Avalon in Hollywood. Musical guests include Pharrell Williams and Moby. If you can’t join the party, you can still show solidarity with this bold “I Am Dancing Man” T-shirt  (To buy one, click the link. Half of the proceeds go to the Cybersmile Foundation).

Featured photo with Dancing Man: Video screen grab/Today.