Chris Christie Profanity Laden Tirade Caught On Tape (AUDIO)

By now, pretty much everyone knows that Chris Christie is kind of a d*ck. His fans love that about him. He’s plainspoken; he doesn’t hold anything back. The rest of the country, well, not so much.

At the annual New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show on Wednesday night, Christie really let it go. Yes, it’s a roast, so even the most reserved of attendants aren’t expected to be polite, but Christie seemed to forget to write (or have written for him) punchlines and instead just went on a tirade full of profanity.

At the dinner, he told reporters that he “just doesn’t give a s*** about them.”

The event, similar to the White House Correspondents dinner, is supposed to be fun. People wear costumes, perform dances and try their luck at stand up comedy.

It’s usually off the record, which is why Christie might have been more free with his candor than someone who is running for president might be.

Unfortunately for Christie, people were recording it. His speech, rather than light-hearted, and even beyond the anger we’ve grown accustomed to from Christie, was bitter.

“Anything that gets me off this f***ing stage next year, I’m willing to do anything,” said Christie. “Why do you think I might run for president? Cause I don’t know what primary is in May 2016 next year, but if I’m at 1 f***ing percent, I will be there.”

Source: Crooks and Liars

Christie particularly went after a reporter for His name is Claude Brodesser-Akner and is the correspondent’s association president. “I’m not even going to try the last name, not because I can’t pronounce French last names or whatever it is, but because, again, I don’t give a s***.” Classy.

In his defense, he also sarcastically went after a conservative columnist who sang a song about Cory Booker being gay. “Tonight, a song on Cory Booker being gay,” he said. “Oh, you really have reached a new high, pat yourself on the back.”

Here’s the audio:

Featured image via Flickr/GageSkidmore.