White Christian Former Congressional Candidate Arrested For Massive Plot To Kill Muslims (VIDEO)

A former congressional candidate from Tennessee was arrested on April 10th for his alleged plan to commit mass murder using an M4 rifle, explosives, a machete, and snipers.

Now, you’d think the charge would at least mention the word “terrorism,” since that’s clearly what it is, but alas, the intended victims were Muslims (he wanted to blow up a mosque and an Islamic school) and Robert Doggart is white.

Doggart’s target was a planned Muslim community in Upstate New York called Islamberg. Islamberg has long been called a terrorist training ground by the right, but in truth, it’s a community of Muslims of America, a group that describes itself as:

Members of The Muslims of America primarily consist of African American Sunni who are indigenous Americans with Islamic roots spanning four generations. The first generations were mainly converts from various branches of Christianity. Adult residents work in professional and trade jobs while the children participate in local youth sports programs. Contrary to some claims, local, state and federal law enforcement and neighbors have nothing negative to say about the Islamberg community.

Contrary to being a training ground for ISIS or other terrorist organizations, on their website, Muslims for America posted that they agree with the President that ISIS and other extremists “betray Islam.”

A spokesman for the group said:

“Doggart is an example of the results of unchecked and rampant Islamophobia which has spread lies for years about our peaceful community. This man plotted to mercilessly kill us, kill our children, and blow up our mosque and our school. All would agree, if a Muslim did this, the perpetrator would be immediately identified as a terrorist then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The examples are numerous. Therefore, we call on all branches of justice to see to it that this man is prosecuted for planning a heinous hate crime and terrorist act.”

Source: WBNG.com

Here’s the video:

Heavy.com went fairly in-depth into who Doggart is. Read it. It’s frightening. If he’s not on the no-fly list, I’d be shocked. Oh, wait, I wouldn’t. He’s white and Christian.

Doggart was on the FBI’s watch list for some time. In fact, one of the reasons he was caught was wiretaps. Just like suicide bombers, Dogcart thought it would be worth it to die for his cause.

“If there’s a gun fight, well there’s a gun fight. And I want to come home ’cause I love my family and I want to see my kids again. But I also understand that if it’s necessary to die then that’s a good way to die,” Doggart said during a March phone conversation with an unnamed militia member from South Carolina.

The Signal Mountain, Tennessee resident said in a recorded phone call that, “When we meet with this state, the people that we seek will know who we are. We will be cruel to them. And we will burn down their buildings.” He said if anybody attempts to “harm them in any way, “our standoff gunner will take them down from 350 yards. The standoff gunner would be me.”

While Doggart is clearly delusional, he’s not a stupid man. He’s an engineer and he has a Ph.D. He also won third place in the 2014 Tennessee Fourth Congressional District race.

Featured image via Hamilton County Jail mugshot.