Gov. Scott’s Dire Shutdown Warnings Prove GOP Will Stop At NOTHING To Block Access To Healthcare (VIDEO)

Gov. Rick Scott proves Florida’s GOP lawmakers will stop at nothing to deprive 800,000 people in their state from having access to healthcare.

The state’s GOP governor sent letters to state agency heads this week with dire warnings of an impending state government shutdown. Republicans already control Florida’s legislature, but apparently, single-party control isn’t enough to help them get budgets and legislation passed. And now, alas, state budget deadlines loom.

The Sun Sentinel reports Gov. Scott’s letters demanded lists of essential, can’t-do-without functions for each of the various departments in Florida state, in case the GOP-run legislature can’t come to a budget agreement before July 1.

Keeping parks open for summer fun? Tag renewals? Pet adoptions and licenses? Health inspections for your favorite restaurant? Repairs, upgrades, and maintenance for roads and bridges? And what about 9-1-1 emergency services?

Who cares? Certainly not Florida’s Republicans.

Apparently, Florida Republicans will do anything to keep 800,000 of their own constituents from having access to healthcare — through Obamacare / the Affordable Care Act —  even if it means giving up over a billion dollars for state hospitals and health services from the federal government. Take that, Obamacare and low-income constituents!

As the Sentinel explains, Florida’s more staid and pragmatic Senate was willing to embrace the Medicaid expansion, but the hot-headed House stormed out in a fit of pique.

The issue is what caused the budget impasse. The Senate was willing to expand Medicaid, but the House refused and left the regular session three days early without a budget agreement. Lawmakers are tentatively scheduled to return to Tallahassee June 1 for a three week special session to try to resolve the issue. Budget leaders said Wednesday they are making progress toward a resolution.

At this point, Gov. Scott might even be willing to think about — just think about — Obamacare and the Medicaid expansion. But only if it could pave the way to a budget agreement before Florida’s Budget Melt-Down-Mageddon, and of course, it can’t..

Here’s the news report from WPTV:

Featured photo with Rick Scott: Video screen grab/WPTV.