Bumbling Gun Nut Accidentally Reveals The Dangers Of ‘Open Carry Cardio’ Workouts (VIDEO)

Meet Eric Canales, a gun rights “activist” from Burleson, Texas and creator of what may become the most dangerous workout craze ever: The Open Carry Cardio weight loss plan. That’s right. If you walk six miles a day with an AR15 strapped to your back, you, too can lose nearly 30 pounds in six weeks.

At first glance, the YouTube page with Canales’ video looks like a typical milestone marker along a chunky average Joe’s weight loss journey. In the summary, Canales cheerily announces that he’s making good progress.

Progress eating right and working out is a new lifestyle. 6 miles and 124 push ups.

In the video, Canales films himself doing his cardio workout as he proudly announces that over the past six weeks, he’s been taking six-mile walks and has lost nearly 30 pounds so far.

“It’s Eric, it’s May 11th, just doing an update video, I’m walking again, been doing six miles, that’s pretty cool, um, I’m getting a lot of results, I feel a lot better, a lot healthier, I’m almost up to 30 pounds in six weeks.”

We then realize that strap over Canales’ shoulder isn’t for carrying a canteen full of Gatorade, as he announces, “But I’m also open carrying.”

Canales then attempts to smoothly brandish his AR15 in a manly fashion, but clumsily gets his weapon tangled in the strap. Oops. It’s a good thing Canales didn’t need to take out some bad guy with a gun, because the precious seconds spent freeing his AR15 may have cost him his life.

As a modern-day President Theodore Roosevelt may have warned Canales, “walk softly and carry a bigger selfie stick so your gun doesn’t get tangled next time.”

But perhaps doing open carry cardio with an AR15 strapped to your back makes sense for a gun nut in search of an effective weight loss regimen. According to Wikipedia, “heavy barrel versions of the civilian AR-15 can weigh upwards of 8.5 lbs.” While many weight loss experts say working out with weights before a cardio routine gets the best results, doing both at once still works better than doing only one or the other.

Still, we can’t help but notice the fact that nobody else seems to be using Canales’ trail. We wonder if it’s because other walkers — along with joggers and cyclists — have all fled in terror.

Watch Canales demonstrate his new Open Carry Cardio workout.

Featured photo: Video screen grab/YouTube/Eric Canales