‘Shark Tank’ Helps 10-Year-Old Lemonade Entrepreneur Save Bees And Make A Killing (VIDEO)

I just have to write about 10-year-old entrepreneur Mikaila Ulmer while her BeeSweet Lemonade is still a small business. It’s probably already too late for that, but at least that’s how her story started.

Mikaila is a phenomenon. She started a lemonade business when she was just 4-1/2 years old, the same way all kids do — with a stand in front of her house. But Mikaila isn’t just any kid. She’s a visionary who is able to put together fragments and come out with an amazingly coherent big picture.

Getting stung by bees twice within one week set this little dynamo on her current path. After that, she was understandably afraid of bees. However, Mikaila has a couple of savvy parents who encouraged her to do some studying about the little insects. What she learned was the role bees play in pollination and making honey. That was the first fragment.

Then, the girl’s great-grandma, Granny Helen, sent the family a cookbook from 1940 that contained Granny Helen’s recipe for flaxseed lemonade. That was the second fragment.

The final fragment was Mikaila’s own conviction that she could do something great for the world. She took the honey and the lemonade recipe and created a new product — Bee Sweet Lemonade — to which she added a pitch for saving the world’s honeybees.

The Ulmers had already whetted their daughter’s appetite for success by encouraging her to enter a couple of events for youth entrepreneurs, where her product sold out. Mikaila created new flavors and bottled the lemonade, eventually getting it placed in Whole Foods stores in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and her home state of Texas.

But to keep expanding, the company needed more capital. So Mikaila made a pitch to ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ and secured an appearance on the show in March. Inevitably, her energy attracted an investor — the millionaire creator and CEO of the FUBU clothing company, Daymond John.

John invested $60,000 to buy a quarter interest in the business. He said:

“She knew the business and knew where she wanted to go. That’s my youngest entrepreneur partner.”


“She’s like a ball of cotton candy. She is just so cute.”

Cute, yes, but smart as a whip, articulate, and driven. Her advice for other entrepreneurial kids?

“You can be sweet and still be profitable.”

Plus, passion and inspiration are important ingredients in success.

Mikaila’s passion feeds her mission to educate others about the importance of bees and saving them. Part of the company’s profits are donated to Heifer International, which gives Heifer honeybees to needy families around the world, to the Texas BeeKeepers Association for research on preserving Texas bees, and to the Sustainable Food Center of Austin, which promotes healthy foods.

Just in case you’re not feeling like enough of an underachiever yet, check out this video of Mikaila telling the story of her company herself:

Featured Image via BeeSweet Lemonade Facebook page.