Police To #BlackLivesMatter: If You Bring Your Kids To Protests, We Will Mace Them (VIDEOS)

When protesters gathered in Minneapolis on Thursday to protest police brutality, police sent a nasty message when a cop pepper-sprayed 10-year-old Taye — son of Susan Montgomery — straight in the eyes. And what were they all protesting? The fact that yet another prosecutor declined to file charges against yet another cop who shot and killed yet another young black man — 19-year-old Tony Robinson — in cold blood.

Taye’s mother Susan Montgomery told the Minneapolis Star Tribune the still-unidentified police officer had been keeping a beady eye on the 10-odd protesters in her group from his car, and then he turned on the lights and siren, and the car suddenly lurched towards them.

“People started running. It seemed like he was mad at that point,” Montgomery explained. Then the cop got out and started randomly attacking everyone in reach with pepper spray. Or, as Montgomery put it, he “just jumped out of his car and started spraying everybody.” Taye adds that the cop didn’t even bother to give any warning.

“He didn’t give us any warning. He just went right ahead and sprayed. … It hurt! […] It made me really nervous, because I couldn’t see where I was going. I couldn’t find my mom.”

Around 100 people gathered for the protest, and did the #ShutItDown thing by blocking traffic downtown. In a press conference held by Police Chief Janeé Harteau and Mayor Betsy Hodges, Harteau declared she needs more information from witnesses to complete the investigation of the unnamed police officer.

“It is critical for everyone involved that we complete a thorough investigation, so I need the public’s help.  must have the full set of facts.”

As a fellow mom, the police chief also expressed sympathy for Montgomery.

A police report claims the macing was necessary because the protests had gotten rowdy and were jumping on cars, trying to open car doors, and other thuggish things. Because, you know how those black folks and their white liberal sympathizers are always rioting and sh*t.

‘[They] engaged motorists, jumping on cars and trying to pull open doors. Officers pushed back the crowds to get the motorists out of harm’s way. … Chemical aerosol was used to drive back the hostile crowds.”

Taye told told KMSP-TV the pepper-spraying happened quite suddenly. He recalls a woman shouting “park the car, park the car,” and then all hell broke loose. Taye repeated how all of the sudden he got maced, couldn’t see anything, and couldn’t find his mother.

“Then I couldn’t find my mom and this cop pulled up with sirens, and then started macing everyone, didn’t give us no warning or nothing,”

Raw Story adds that an onlooker caught the whole thing on video:

Cellphone video taken during the protest shows an officer — purportedly the one who sprayed the boy — using pepper spray on the crowd. Taye can also be heard shrieking, which his mother said happened as he was being hit by the spray.

Onlookers took Taye to a nearby hotel and poured milk in his eyes to dilute the chemicals relieve the pain. Even the next day, he told reporters he wasn’t able to see straight. One cop tried to justify the macing by sneering, “Why is a 10-year-old at a protest at that time at night?”

Did police mace 10-year-old Taye because he helped lead the rally?

Well, Twitter reveals what a lot of these news outlets haven’t told us. Taye was one of the leaders of the rally. A tweet with video from the rally shows him leading the crowd in the moving call-and-response Assata Chant from Black Panther activist Assata Shakur.

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Here is the video, via Twitter.

And here is the video with the news report from KMSP TV.


Featured photo: Courtesy of Susan Montgomery via the Minneapolis Star Tribune