Pastor Blames Baltimore Riots On ‘Hamites’ Not Being Ready For A Black President (VIDEO)

Of all the crackpot theories on why people in Baltimore rioted amidst the Freddie Gray protests, Dr. James David Manning’s takes the cake.

It’s bad enough that so many right-wingers are hell-bent on blaming blacks for the poverty, racism and violence our nation forces upon them. Now Manning — a  black pastor who runs the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem — claims it’s because the cursed “children of Ham” aren’t ready for a black president. In his YouTube video, Manning explains that although he didn’t deserve to win, Barack Obama got elected because white liberals wanted to “make up” for all that slavery.

“Hamite [or black] people were saying we should have a black president simply because we were once slaves in this nation,” he said. “It’s like saying because I went swimming one day, I should be the captain of the world’s largest aircraft carrier. You know nothing about a boat. You just got wet swimming one day.”

It should be noted that the reference to “children of Ham” refers to a highly racist interpretation of tale from the Bible. When Noah’s ark landed, his sons supposedly dispersed and founded the different people of the world. Ham is said to have founded the African race, and white Christians twist this to imply the “children of Ham” are cursed. Which, of course, makes for a highly convenient justification for slavery and mistreatment of blacks around the world.

Oh, and Manning opposed Obama from the start and even goes so far as to call him a “half-breed.”

“The Americans who were supporting and promoting this half-breed, half-baked, half-bleach, half-black, half-white character Barack Hussein Obama, themselves were trying to absolve their own self guilt and solve the problem and slavery in America.”

Manning doesn’t care that Obama is a highly accomplished legal scholar, community organizer, public speaker, author and leader. Nor does he see Obama’s perspective as a black man raised by a white mother, white grandparents, and Indonesian stepfather as uniquely positioning him to help heal the racial divide.

“To put a Hamite in office just because and only because — there was no other reason — is that Americans were once slaves. I stated as well that there would be riots in the streets. I stated that young people born after the plagues will look around and say, ‘We don’t have to accomplish anymore. We don’t have to discipline ourselves anymore. We don’t need a family structure anymore. We don’t need to be hardworking anymore. We can just demand because we were slaves, we ought to be given a penthouse, we ought to be given government subsidies.’”

Yeah, it’s all about those “entitlements” people aren’t entitled to, because in the good old U.S.A., housing, food, water, healthcare, a living wage, and not being murdered by police because of the color of your skin still aren’t seen as basic human rights.

“Give them the presidency, give them mayors office, give them the state attorneys office. Give them food stamps because they were all slaves.”

Manning even goes so far as to call black people like himself “ignorant” and “barbaric.” Really, he should speak only for himself.

“What we see now, you can attribute it to the ignorance and the barbarism of black people, but you can also surely know that it’s been unleashed by white liberals and Fox News watchers that have turned loose this plague of black people with unaccountability on America. Don’t blame blackie for this. This one we’re going to lay at the feet of whitey.”

Pastor Manning: Sometimes truth “sounds or feels like hate.”

But please don’t leave thinking that Manning is a mean, hateful racist. He doesn’t feel any “hatred for the idiots who voted for Obama,” it’s just that “sometimes when you speak the truth it sounds like or feels like hate.” And at least we can take cold comfort in the fact that Manning finds Ben Carson as “preposterous”and unqualified as Obama supposedly was. Plus, he thinks all of us Americans are a “dumbed-down lot.”

Here’s the video, if you’ve got the stomach to watch it.

Featured image/composite: Pastor Manning/YouTube screen grab/YouTube | Baltimore Police/Public Domain/VOA | Obama/Public Domain/Official portrait.