Tenn. GOP Congresswoman Complains Of Christian Persecution – Can’t Think Of A Single Example (VIDEO)

The general meme among the right, it seems, is that the majority is under attack. Christians, and in particular, Christian white men (you know, the people who run the media and the country) are being persecuted.

While many see evidence in the fact that stores have a tendency to shorthand the end of the year and its cluster of celebrations with a simple “Happy Holidays” as absolute proof that Christianity is under attack, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) couldn’t even scrounge up that example.

In a press conference at the South Carolina Freedom Summit, Blackburn was asked about Christian persecution.

“You know, there have been several lately. There’ve. Um. I can’t give you a specific (pause) right off the cuff,” Blackburn shrugs. “I’m sorry.”

Then Blackburn smiles, turns away from the reporter, looks back toward the camera, and says, “Yeah. Thanks.”

Source: Raw Story

Here’s the video:

Typically, when one thinks of the word “persecution,” one thinks of, oh, I don’t know, anything from not being served at a restaurant to being bullied and worse for beliefs, skin color, nationality or sexual orientation.

In fact, in several states, Christians are fighting for the right to discriminate against LGBT people,but because the media and the politicos are largely white and Christian, they have managed to turn the conversation around to paint themselves as the victims.

Mostly, Christians complain that they aren’t allowed to turn every single public gathering place, including schools, into churches. That’s not persecution. Persecution would be if churches were being targeted (they aren’t) or if individual Christians were being targeted for their beliefs (they aren’t).

Christian churches, are however, protected from paying taxes and from pretty much any government oversight. That’s not persecution.

Now, Congresswoman Blackburn, would you care to answer for the fact that in your own state, atheists are prohibited from even holding office?

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