Pope Francis Warns The Rich And Powerful To Protect The Planet Or Suffer God’s Wrath

Watch out conservatives and corporate bosses, Pope Francis would like you to know that doing nothing to protect the environment will bring down the wrath of God upon your houses.

During a Tuesday mass to open the general assembly of the Catholic charity Caritas, Pope Francis warned “the powerful of the Earth” that they had better start caring more about the environment if they want God to have mercy on their souls. The pontiff made it clear that there is no excuse for anyone going hungry in this world because as long as we take care of the environment and stop being greedy, we can produce enough food to feed everyone:

“The planet has enough food for all, but it seems that there is a lack of willingness to share it with everyone. We must do what we can so that everyone has something to eat, but we must also remind the powerful of the earth that God will call them to judgement one day and there it will be revealed if they really tried to provide food for Him in every person and if they did what they could to preserve the environment so that it could produce this food.”

Considering the fact that Republicans and the conservatives who support them here in the United States have been working alongside Big Oil and Big Coal corporate executives to allow perpetual polluting of our air, water, and land while at the same time denying climate science that says we are nearly at a point of no return to reverse the damage done, it seems very reasonable that Pope Francis is talking directly to them.

And it’s not the first time Pope Francis has knocked conservatives. Since becoming the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has slammed conservatives for waging a vicious war against the poor and their support of vulture capitalism as the driving force of the economy. He has also referred to ideologically obsessed Christians as an “illness.” As we all know, conservative “Christians” are completely obsessed with religious fundamentalism, but often ignore the parts of the Bible that go against their philosophy of hating poor people and being good planetary stewards.

Just by taking care of our environment, we could also help the hungry and impoverished, but conservatives and their corporate masters refuse to do anything about climate change in the name of greed and profit. And that’s why Pope Francis reminded them that one day they will be judged for their inaction as much as they will be for their actions.