Garland, Texas, Police Missed Not One, But TWO Warnings Of ISIS Attacks (VIDEO)

A tragedy in Garland, Texas, was averted last weekend as two gunmen in body armor jumped out of a black sedan and opened fire on a police car with their automatic rifles. What stopped them? A watchful traffic cop armed with only a .45 caliber pistol, who sat inside the car with a security guard. Outgunned, the Garland police officer somehow managed to shoot both men dead before they could enter the Garland Convention Center.

The gunmen were later revealed to have ties — or at least sympathies — with ISIS.

While this quick-thinking police officer — who remains nameless — richly deserves the praise he’s getting, the people running the city of Garland and its convention center seriously need to have their heads examined. The event taking place in the Garland Convention Center never should have been held in the first place.

Reverb Press reports the “First Amendment Festival” was organized by right-winger Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as an anti-Muslim hate group. Geller’s group then stirred up the pot with a Muslim-baiting “Draw Mohammed” cartoon contest. The Garland Convention Center is owned and run by the city’s school district. Since all taxpayers — including Muslims — pay for it, hate group events should not be hosted on publicly-owned property.

Furthermore, it turns out that Garland Police received not one, but TWO warnings of impending attacks by ISIS sympathizers. These warnings came from fairly reliable sources who’ve got their ears to the ground, yet somehow these warnings either went unseen or were ignored.

Anonymous And The FBI Warn Garland, Texas, Police Of ISIS Attacks

The first warning came two days before, from an Anonymous activist. The Daily Dot reports the activist tweeted a tip to the Garland Police Dept. with a link to AnsarAlUmmah49’s now defunct Twitter account.

@Garland PD we feel something is in preparation about an exposition in your city. Pleasre follow this #

Here’s the screen grab of the tweet (with the sender’s Twitter handle removed).

@Garland PD we feel something is in preparation about an exposition in your city. Pleasre follow this #

Anonymous’ warning to Garland, TX Police/Twitter.

The second warning came hours before the attack from the FBI, which found an ominous tweet from an online ISIS sympathizer who’d set his sights on Garland, Texas.

Sharia is Light @atawaakul
The bro with me an myself have given bay’ah to Amerul Mu’mineen. May Allah accept us as muhahideen.
Make dua

FBI warning with tweet to Garland, Texas police: Sharia is Light @atawaakul The bro with me an myself have given bay'ah to Amerul Mu'mineen. May Allah accept us as muhahideen.  Make dua #TexasAttack

Tweet send by FBI to Garland, Texas police hours before the attacks.

Apparently, Garland’s police department seriously needs to up their Twitter game.

But really, the so-called ISIS attack was a two-bit operation capable of doing little more than stoking anti-Muslim hysteria. Unfortunately, that’s way too easy to do in places like Garland, Texas. As Nathaniel Downes wrote in an earlier post from Addicting Info:

In the real world, it is clearly Daesh (ISIS) using the shooting as an opportunity to spread fear. That they crafted their statement to maximize the conspiracy crowd reaction is deliberate. Like kicking over an anthill, they do something simple, and watch the mindless bugs scramble madly. And while our conspiracy theorists go bonkers, they walk away laughing at the madness.

Here’s CBS’ report on the FBI’s warning to the Garland Police Dept.

And here’s AP’s video with Garland Police spokesman Joe Harn’s press conference shortly after the attacks.

Featured photo: Video screen grab/AP.