Christian ‘Warrior’ Seeks Funds For War Against Satan’s Holiday Displays

“My name is Susan Hemeryck,” this self-styled “Catholic Warrior” declares on her GoFundMe page. “I was arrested in Tallahassee, Florida on December 23, 2014 for standing against Satan when he tried to stake his claim on Christmas and in our State Capitol.”

Hemeryck has clearly cast herself as a lone heroine smiting Satan with her righteous hammer, much like the bold runner with the iron mallet in Apple’s iconic “1984” ad. Alas for Hemeryck, she’s just a legend in her own lunch time. Rather than toppling a huge Satanic monument from Florida’s state capitol, Hemeryck merely ripped a toy angel from a large diorama showing Lucifer’s fall from heaven.

As reported by Addicting Info back in December, Hemeryck walked into the lobby of Florida’s capitol building wearing a black T-shirt that proclaimed herself as a “Catholic Warrior,” and told security, “sorry, but I have to take this down.”

And then, Susan Hemeryck preceeded to try and do just that. The Satanic Temple display, which features an angel being thrown from heaven into hell as a depiction of Satan’s fall from grace, now has no angel because Hemeryck ripped it from the line holding it in place. She was then arrested for vandalism.

After Hemeryck was arrested, she told reporters:

“it’s just wrong, when you remove baby Jesus two days before Christmas and put Satan in his place? I was there at the right time and the right moment and I needed to take a stand against Satan […] I just yanked that little devil off the fishing line. I should have just done a better job and finished it off for good.”

But in reality, the Satanic Temple’s display hadn’t replaced the Nativity Scene with Joseph, Mary and Jesus at all. Truth Revolt explains that ever since the Satanic Temple threatened to sue, the state of Florida has allowed all groups to erect holiday displays in the capitol’s rotunda. Otherwise, they would have had to take the Christian nativity scene down and avoided holiday displays altogether.

Florida has designated the rotunda of its State Capitol as an open forum for private speech. Every December citizens erect holiday-themed displays at their own expense. In 2013 the rotunda featured a nativity scene surrounded by two atheist-themed messages, a “Festivus Pole” and a rendering of the Pastafarian Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The photo below shows displays from the Satanic Temple and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and, yes, a traditional nativity scene.

The Satanic Temple holiday display Susan Hemeryck trashed, and the nativity scene and Pastafarian display also shown in the Fla. state capitol rotunda.

Photos of holiday displays from the Fla. state capitol rotunda from Talahassee’s Dept. of Management Services via. Truth Revolt. Left to right: Satanic Temple (with the falling angel Hemeryck removed); Nativity scene; and Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

But like most right-wing Christians, Hemeryck refuses to honor the U.S. Constitution, which clearly calls for separation of church and state. Her GoFundMe page insists she is being persecuted by religious tolerance and makes the obligatory comparisons to Nazis, the KKK, and Martin Luther King:

The charges against me were dropped, but the Satanists are threatening retaliation for next Christmas, and they are also moving forward with their agenda to entrench Satan in America’s government halls and in our public schools. This is a hate group, whose actions can be compared to the Nazis displaying a swastika at Hanukkah, or the KKK erecting a burning cross on Martin Luther King day.

Although the state of Florida dropped charges against her in March, Hemeryck claims she needs help because her act of intolerance caused her to lose her home and her job.

“I lost my home and my job because I took a stand against this evil, and I need a little help with personal living expenses. I also have a wonderful attorney, Michael Bauer, who has stood by me through all of this, and we need your help in taking the next step in our efforts to legally keep Satan out of our Capitols and out of our schools.”

Apparently Hemeryck’s fellow Christians hate Satan a lot less than they hate gay weddings. The bigots from Memories Pizza raised $842,000 for themselves. At the time of this writing, Hemeryck had only taken in $2,615 towards her modest $18,000 goal.

Featured Image with the Satanic Temple display and Susan Hemeryck: Dept. of Mgmt Services, Talahassee, Fla. and Leon County Sheriff’s Office via WTSP.