How Conservatives Defend Slavery With A Straight Face (IMAGE)

Ideologue: An adherent of an ideology, especially one who is uncompromising and dogmatic.

In other words, someone who will force every issue to conform to their extremely limited worldview. For example, anti-government conservatives almost always consider government to be bad even in cases where government is vital, like handling outbreaks of deadly diseases or investing in renewable energy. “Tyranny!”, they cry.

A more specific example of this anti-government ideology is the conservative belief that the Civil War was about “states’ rights” and the South defending itself from “tyrannical” government overreach. This dogmatic, unthinking way of viewing the world can and does lead people to defend slavery, something that is universally recognized as immoral and wrong on every conceivable level. But since the government was against it…


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you defend slavery. It doesn’t matter if slavery is a moral abomination, the government can’t force people to stop being slave owners because that’s “tyrannical”.

Of course, it’s OK for the¬†Confederate States government, and the United States government before it, to codify slavery and force black people to be property because, what the hell, they’re only black people. That kind of government tyranny is A-OK to conservatives. But once that same government decides that maybe using force to keep an entire race in chains might be wrong? Well, now THAT’S government overreach. Think about the mental gymnastics you have to do in order to rationalize that. It’s wrong for the evil gubmint to end slavery, but it’s fine to enforce it. Sounds legit.

But pay attention to the key sentence here about why it was wrong to stop slavery and you’ll realize it’s even worse than you thought:

“…putting half the country into poverty over night is tyrannical however you slice it”

Got that? The wealth of slave owners was literally more important than ending slavery. And this is not an isolated view. Conservatives (especially Southern conservatives) regularly refer to the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression.”¬†They celebrate the Confederacy. They worship their ancestors that fought against the United States. They constantly try to whitewash the history of slavery. They desperately want to try secession again to escape the tyranny of a “No, you can’t fucking own slaves!” government.

I guarantee RJ doesn’t consider himself a racist but, honestly, what else can you call someone who considers ending the horror of slavery a “tyrannical” act? This ability to seriously defend slavery is just a surface manifestation of the rot at the core of right wing ideology: Profits before people. Greed before good. Mine before ours.