Scott Walker Dumped As Koch Candidate After Interview Fiasco

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, huh Scott? After selecting the Wisconsin governor to be the 2016 Republican candidate for President, the Koch Brothers appear to be suffering from buyers remorse. Rather than a candidate they could use as a sock puppet, to control every single movement and action of, Walker has shown himself uncontrollable, and not in a good way.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Scott Walker moved not only to curb illegal immigration, but to crack down on legal immigration as well. Citing well-known nativist Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama as his influence on immigration reform, he was quite clear, under a Walker Administration, immigrants are not welcome.

This of course is a show stopper for the Koch Brothers, who are decidedly pro-immigration. Shortly after Walkers comments came out, the two brothers announced that they would now hold an audition to replace him as the Republican nominee.

Like a jilted bride, now Scott Walker is adrift. The widespread right-wing media support is evaporating as if by magic, with him loved one minute, then quickly jilted as they seek a new dance parter. The Koch Brothers now have to scramble as their long-term plans need adjusting on no notice Рand rush moves produce bad results.

Elections take a long time, with candidates establishing strategies, organizations, and setting wheels into motion months if not years ahead of time. By changing horse mid-race, now they lose their leverage to call the shots. They must integrate themselves in to another campaign, to follow that candidates already in motion engine. It is likely the worst thing which could have happened to them. And it is something which was inevitable due to the nature of their influence.

Money in politics is a bad road, the more money in politics the worse it gets. Buying influence, legal bribery really, means that the opposing side needs to increase their spending, creating a monetary arms race. The money suppliers then have to deal with candidates who are only pandering to their faces to get access to their cash reserves, but who are unreliable, or worse, a fanatic to fringe ideals. As more money is introduced in to these races, the harder it is for the money to be controlled. Eventually donors stop being able to peddle influence, they are now just walking ATM’s for candidates to bully. After all, if they don’t bankroll this candidate, the other guy will be bankrolled by their ideological enemies. It becomes a dance of death, with no end in sight.

Walker’s campaign without the Koch Brothers behind it lacks the power and influence to have any real impact. His positions are out of touch with the American public, and are against the very founding of this country. Now the Koch Brothers attempt to use him as the marionette candidate has fallen apart, and they are left scrambling. If they wised up, they would abandon the campaign entirely. In the game of money in politics, the only way to win is not to play at all.