Medical Expert Live-Tweets Her Son’s Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Class With Increasing Rage

Alice Dreger, a professor of medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University obviously knows quite a bit about the human body. So when she had the opportunity to sit in on her son’s high school “abstinence-only” education class she seized upon it as an eye-opening experience. It quickly turned into a rage inducing one as well.

Sitting in the back of her son’s class, Dreger live-tweeted the lessons the class was being taught. As one can imagine, the lesson plan was light on the “education” part of “sexual education” and very, very heavy on variations of the “sex is bad and you should be ashamed for having it” theme.

As becomes clear very quickly, unlike other class subjects, “abstinence-only” sex education doesn’t require its lessons to be grounded in “facts.” The goal is to scare children, and the ends therefore justify the means. In this case the means include shaming, sexism, and a liberal use of outright lies.

But they weren’t done. In case none of that worked, the abstinence teachers still had their nuclear option: Paper babies.

Dreger is an expert, she’s even written papers on how to best teach sex education, but it’s hard to imagine anyone in her son’s class was buying this crap. Teenagers know when people are lying to them. They aren’t stupid. It may explain why classes like this one are so incredibly ineffective. Scientific studies have demonstrated over and over again that the worst thing you can do to fight teen pregnancy is teach abstinence-only education. Condoms don’t lead to, er, paper babies, ignorance does.

The school doesn’t seem to be taking Dreger’s truthbombs well. After her tweets went viral, the school notified her that she is banned from the property, allegedly, for saying “fuck” within earshot of students. (Although after what she just sat through, can you blame her!?) The school’s principal issued a statement to the Lansing State Journal that defended his school’s lesson plan because they also teach contraception, and only have an emphasis on abstinence.

Dreger is quick to point out that in many cases it’s not the high school teachers who are to blame for a school district’s laughable sex ed policies. Often conservative lawmakers mandate abstinence-only lesson plans, leaving it up to schools to hire abstinence-only mercenaries who travel from district to district peddling their bogus (often times overtly religious) agendas.

Bravo to Dreger for not only taking an active interest in her son’s (mis)education, but speaking out about it. You can find her entire Twitter timeline here where she can be seen tweeting amazing gems like this:

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