‘We Serve Everyone’ Campaign Positively Combating Anti-Gay Laws, Celebrating Acceptance (VIDEO/IMAGES)

After several states have taken it within their legislative power to legislate discrimination, the most recent being Indiana, some people have chosen that instead of just getting angry at the bigotry, they’re going to promote acceptance of all.

The campaign “Open For Service” is demonstrating positive leadership and activism by advocating for a just society accepting of everyone.

According to their website, they are a “campaign to celebrate businesses that oppose discrimination of any type.”

“We are a non-partisan, nonjudgmental group looking to provide a grassroots network for people to support businesses that open their doors for everyone – Black, White, Gay, Straight, Christian, Atheist, Disabled  . . . well, you get our drift.”

They go on to say:

“We don’t have any agenda.  We’re not interested in talking about businesses practicing discrimination; we’re promoting businesses that practice acceptance and tolerance of everyone!

We don’t plan on having a staff, or office location, or huge overhead.  We want to build an expanding nationwide network of open-minded organizations, companies, and business owners recognition for doing the right thing.”

They also remind business owners and everyone:

“Allowing businesses to pick and choose whom they serve can be a risky business decision, and it can potentially harm people!  While we support freedom, we believe that there is legislation being contemplated that could deny basic necessities – and that is not a positive direction for our nation, nor our economy.”

This campaign is certainly refreshing after a not-so-fresh feeling week of legalized discrimination and hate spreading like wildfire through several states.

You can purchase the “swag” to put in either your home, on your car, at your church or organization, or at your business. The money is then donated to SCORE, with the goal of helping “fund future open-minded businesses and organizations.”

Here are the choices of support “swag” available for $10:

The campaign and site creator, Josh Driver, said:

“When there were some (Valparaiso) businesses that kind of stepped up that way – that’s just kind of awesome.”

Valparaiso, Indiana, is Driver’s hometown. He said, “when those in Valparaiso signed up, that hit home.”

Driver created the campaign after the “Religious Freedom and Restoration Act” was proposed. A bill that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) has now signed into law, legalizing discrimination.

However, his campaign is reaching far wider than just Valparaiso, or, for that matter, Indiana. Driver said:

“I have gotten people from Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, and that’s awesome.”

More than 1,000 businesses have signed up in just a matter of weeks.

Driver’s message is simple:

“People are getting very polarized, not just by this legislation but by others… I think there’s an opportunity to try to take a negative and try to make it a positive.”

I couldn’t agree more. The only way to drive out darkness is to shine light on it, and the light here is love and acceptance of all.

Here’s local Indy WISHTV.com on the story:

(Video/Featured image via WISHTV.com)