Geraldo Rivera Slams Fox For Backing Netanyahu: ‘What Is Gaza? It’s A Prison’ (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera tore the triad of dunces on Fox & Friends a new one over their enthusiasm for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday’s edition.

Co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocey and Elisabeth Hasselback tried all the usual loudmouth bullying tactics employed at Fox to defend Netanyahu, the man they wish we had as president instead of Barack Obama. But they never stood a chance against Rivera. After all, he’s the one who pioneered these verbal take-no-prisoners tactics back in the 1980s with his talk show, Geraldo.

Rivera acknowledged that although he considers Kilmeade, Doocey, and Hasselback to be his “dear friends,” he also knows “that we disagree in a fundamental way about U.S./Israel policy.” And contrary to Fox’s hysteria over Obama’s lack of a congratulatory phone call or message to Netanyahu, Geraldo would take Obama’s non-response a step further.

“If I were President Obama, I would have sent Bibi Netanyahu a congratulatory postcard by snail mail on a form written ‘congratulations on your recent election.’”

But, the ever-classy Steve Doocey inquired, “Why? Is that the classy thing to do?” But before Doocey could get a word in edgewise, Rivera steamrolled him.

“It is the appropriate thing to do to someone who has absolutely insulted the American constitutional system, by coming here uninvited [by the President].”

Rivera then kept going over Doocey, Kilmeade’s and Hasselback’s protests.

“We can debate who and how that invitation was engineered, but it caused a division in the U.S./Israeli relationship that has never existed before. It has carved the Congress of the United States in half, it has in many ways unsettled and made unstable that relationship.”

And then Rivera slammed Netanyahu’s racist campaign, though he doesn’t mention how it seems an awful lot like GOP campaigning here in the U.S.

“And then, for Bibi Netanyahu to run the campaign in a way that I believe was, to its core, made a racist appeal to Israeli hard-right voters to come out because these droves of these Palestinians are going to vote!”

Hasselbeck cued a video with Netanyahu’s interview with Megyn Kelly, in which the newly re-elected prime minister claimed he sees “no path” to a peace agreement:

” You can’t force the people of Israel who just elected me by a wide margin to bring them peace and security, to secure the state of Israel, to accept terms that would endanger the very survival of the state of Israel.”

But Rivera declared that Netanyahu has mistreated the Palestinian people all along, and has never had even the slightest intention of treating them fairly or hearing them out.

“Bibi Netanyahu revealed his true self in this election. Not only in his contempt for Arab-Israeli voters, but also with his unequivocal statement that there will never be a two-state solution as long as he is prime minister.”

Rivera added that given how Netanyahu has treated them, the Palestinians in Gaza have every right to be angry:

“He[Netanyahu] bragged to me, Brian. He bragged to me that all he gave in his first term as prime minister to the Palestinians was a casino in the town of Jericho. He was so gleeful about that, about how little he has yielded to them. These people have been under occupation since 1967. You wonder why[the Gazans] they are radicalized?

Doocey and Kilmeade then tried to interject something about Gaza firing rockets. But Geraldo nipped that in the bud, and snapped:

“What is ‘Gaza?’ Gaza is an isolated, one-mile-wide strip, it’s a prison.”

Hopefully, the folks at Fox & Friends have learned a lesson here: Don’t mess with Rivera.

Geraldo calls out Netanyahu on Fox & Friends.

Watch Fox bullies get smacked down by an even bigger blowhard: Geraldo Rivera. “Netanyahu has absolutely insulted our constitutional system.”

P.S. Steve Doocey, this writer’s dearly-departed Grammie often declared that if you use the word “classy,” you probably don’t have any.

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