Morning Joe Tears Apart GOP For Trying To Undermine Obama With Iran Letter And Netanyahu Speech (VIDEO)

Republicans are running out of friends as Joe Scarborough becomes the latest to blast them for their tireless stunts to undermine President Obama.

The most recognized Republican on MSNBC finally took Republicans to task on Monday’s edition of Morning Joe during a segment dedicated to the Iran letter.

Joined by The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski began by discussing Secretary of State John Kerry’s strong reaction to the Iran letter written by Tom Cotton and signed by 46 other Senate Republicans. Kerry said that he wouldn’t apologize on behalf of a stupid freshman senator who has hardly been in office for 60 days.

Following that, the Morning Joe panel enjoyed watching CBS host Bob Schieffer ridicule Cotton by asking him if he plans to write North Korea next.

The panel also slammed Mitch McConnell for allowing the letter to be written in the first place, saying that’s it’s one thing for an idiot freshman to write such a thing, but it’s worse when an experienced party leader blindly goes along with the stunt.

Then Jonathan Capehart chimed in, calling the Iran letter disrespectful to President Obama and the office of the presidency, which gave Scarborough the opening to deliver his own criticism of Republicans. But Scarborough didn’t just hit the GOP for the Iran letter. He hit them for inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress as well, saying that the combined events make the United States look incompetent.

Scarborough said that taken individually, he could excuse the Netanyahu speech as just something that has happened before. He said he could also excuse the Iran letter as just a stupid decision made by a newly elected senator who doesn’t know better. But combined, both are a “toxic mix” demonstrating that Republicans put the “dysfunction” in our dysfunctional government.

“If you just asked me about Netanyahu, I’d say ‘It’s happened before. He can show up.’ If you ask me about the letter, taken apart, I go, ‘You know what? Freshmen do stuff like that. It was stupid.’ But there’s something about those two accesses in tandem, together, a couple weeks apart, that I must agree with a lot of really smart writers at [the Washington Post] and the New York Times, that taken together, I do think it has a really toxic mix about how dysfunctional the United States of America is right now.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC. Scarborough’s remarks begin just before the 5 minute mark, but I highly recommend viewing the entire clip.

To recap, the Morning Joe panel ripped Tom Cotton for being a stupid freshman, tore Mitch McConnell apart for being stupid enough to go along with the letter instead of acting like an experienced lawmaker, and agreed that the Netanyahu speech and Iran letter combined are nothing more than embarrassing attempts to undermine President Obama’s authority in an effort to sabotage important diplomatic talks that could result in a peace the world really needs right now.

Republicans just got their asses handed to them by the Morning Joe crew, and it was a pleasure to watch.