Student Group Says Gays Need ‘Sensitivity Training’ To Be More Tolerant Of Bigotry

The Young America’s Foundation, whose site looks a bit like the flag vomited all over Ronald Reagan, or maybe the other way around, is actually kind of frightening.

Its purpose is to brainwash students everywhere with its conservative values and its scary as all get out videos. It also has a National Journalism Center, which helps train future Fox News reporters in the fine art of propaganda.

Not surprisingly, they have no love for liberals or gay people and they absolutely refuse to be respectful. That’s a violation of their rights, dammit! They want a religious exemption from having to participate in LGBT sensitivity training at George Washington University because it’s everyone else who isn’t being tolerant.

“Mandated training is not really being very tolerant of all religious beliefs,” (group president Emily) Jashinsky said. “The way that people who are deeply Christian behave is for a reason, and if you’re training them to change that behavior, there’s obviously a problem with that.”

Jashinsky said certain aspects of the trainings, like learning how to use transgender students’ preferred pronouns, would be ideas that members of the group “don’t believe in.” She also questioned the need for more diversity and LGBT training programs on campus because “everything is pretty harmonious.” She said YAF has always been open to the LGBT community and LGBT individuals have joined the group in the past.

Source: GW Hatchet

On their Facebook page, Allied in Pride posted that if YAF members don’t participate, they should be considered a hate group and that they are not a religious group; they are a political group. They also object to the fact that YAF has invited Rick Santorum to speak at the school.

YAF feels that it’s everyone else who needs sensitivity training:

“Why is there not sensitivity training for gay and liberal groups to respect the free speech rights of other groups on campus?” YAF vice president Patrick X. Coyle wrote on the group’s website. “Why has the student association not considered similar training to teach students to respect those who believe in traditional marriage?

“The hateful atmosphere that currently exists at The George Washington University will remain as long as the university allows liberal bullies to intimidate and attack students or clubs that dare to express opinions different from their own.”

Source: Raw Story

If YAF members don’t participate, the group is at risk of losing its school funding.

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