Israeli Foreign Minister Wants To Be Like ISIS, Calls For Beheading Disloyal Arab Citizens

It appears the Israeli government is striving to be more like ISIS after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman literally called for beheading Arab citizens with an axe during a campaign event.

In an extreme effort to convince more Israeli voters to elect right-wing candidates, Lieberman told a crowd at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya that Arab citizens who don’t completely support Israel should be decapitated with an axe and declared that any Arab citizen who raises a black flag to protest the creation of the Israeli state should be forced to leave. He declared:

“Whoever is with us should get everything. Whoever is against us, there’s nothing else to do. We have to lift up an axe and remove his head, otherwise we won’t survive here. Those who raise the black flag on ‘Nakba Day’ in mourning over the establishment of Israel do not belong here, as far as I am concerned. I am quite willing to donate them to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas. It would be my pleasure.”

And there you have it, folks. A high level Israeli official has been caught campaigning on killing Arabs if they are deemed disloyal to Israel, which could mean anything as simple as disagreeing with current right-wing policies such as the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. As we all know, beheading is a form of execution that is favored by ISIS, which means Lieberman is just as bad as the terrorists he claims to abhor. But that’s not all.

A photo posted on Twitter after the speech showed an ISIS-like figure threatening to cut off the head of an Arab Israeli elected official. MK Haneen Zoabi’s face appears as a mask in the photo.

Here’s the photo via Twitter.

Zoabi is also notable because she was recently banned from running for office in the March elections because she is an Arab, which runs counter to Israel’s claim to be a democracy. Clearly, that’s bullshit. So not only is Israel threatening death to Arab citizens who exercise freedom of speech, Israeli is denying Arab citizens the right to participate in the governing process.

In response to Lieberman’s remarks, Israeli peace activist David Harel asked RT to imagine if Secretary of State John Kerry said the same thing about African-Americans or Hispanics:

“Can you imagine John Kerry making a similar statement about the Mexicans, or the Hispanics, or the Blacks in the United States. Imagine John Kerry saying publicly that you have to have their heads chopped off with an axe.”

It’s a viable question. Because if John Kerry did make such horrible statements the American people would be outraged and calling for him to resign or be fired from his job. So why does the American public continue to support Israel as an ally? Why do we tolerate such extremism from Israeli officials that we would never tolerate from our own? First, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lies to the faces of the American people and disrespects President Obama during a speech to Congress in an effort to sabotage US foreign policy initiatives seeking peace, and now the Foreign Minister is openly calling to behead people like ISIS does. It’s seriously time to cut ties with Israeli before they drag us into a campaign of extermination against Muslims.

Featured Image: Wikimedia via Creative Commons