‘I Get Paid To Beat Up N*ggers Like You’: Mississippi Cop Fired For Horrible XBOX Rant (VIDEO)

He says he’s not a racist, but a Mississippi police officer was fired after recordings of horrific remarks on XBOX Live surfaced on YouTube. Jackson County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Cherie Ward confirmed that patrol deputy Michael Slater, who was on the force for three years, was terminated after his remarks were investigated.

“You’re about to come to a paid police officer’s house! I get paid to beat up n*ggers like you,” Slater (gamer tag AcesWILD2269) says in the fifteen minute YouTube video. “I will take your f*cking brains, and I will shove them down your f*cking throat.”

“You’re damn right I’m a f*cking cop,” the officer said during the exchange, confirming the rampant bigotry that is present in American law enforcement.

Desperate to intimidate an African-American gamer, Slater provided not only his address, but his badge number, full name, city and state, his precinct, and “his” phone number. The phone number the now-former cop provided was that of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. According to the Free Thought Project, the name he provided was “Michael Smith,” though his identity was quickly determined once the incident was brought to light.

Sheriff Mike Ezell confirmed that the video was brought to his attention on Wednesday, with the deputy being terminated the same day.

“The deputy and the other man were in the same chat room using Xbox voice chat,” the sheriff explained. “Once we confirmed the deputy’s identity, he was terminated immediately in (accordance) with our standard policies and procedures.” According to the Sheriff, the department “absolutely does not condone the former deputy’s comments or behavior.”

“This type of behavior will not be tolerated at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department,” the sheriff said. “Once we we’re made aware of the situation, we took immediate action.”

One might assume the officer simply made some horrific comments in the heat of the moment but, as the justice department has shown us through its report on the Ferguson, Missouri PD racism is a systemic issue.

Police officers Capt. Rick Henke and Sgt. William Mudd resigned from the Ferguson Police Department on Thursday after their horrific e-mails were unearthed by the Justice Department. The city’s top court clerk, Mary Ann Twitty, was fired in connection with the e-mails, as well. Numerous other employees forwarded the messages, which included comparisons between President Obama and a chimpanzee and other racist remarks regarding African-Americans, but no one else has been disciplined.

This systemic issue is so atrocious that the Justice Department has recently been forced to open 20 similar investigations around the country. The investigations led to harsh indictments of numerous cities, including Newark, Albuquerque, and Cleveland.

It should be noted that the person on the other end of the exchange with Slater was not exactly innocent, as he made numerous threats to rape the officer’s family members throughout the conversation — but there is no excuse for a law enforcement officer displaying such hatred and bigotry.

But hey, at least he was honest.

Listen to the exchange, below.

Warning: graphic and offensive language.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKfIpK4b2JQ?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=640&h=360]