No, GOP Rep. Bill Post, Mr. Spock Was Not A Republican (VIDEO)

Less than 24 hours after the death of Leonard Nimoy, at least one Republican has decided to claim Nimoy’s legacy character, Mr. Spock, as one of their own.

Oregon Rep. Bill Post (R) says he is Oregon’s biggest Star Trek fan. On the floor of the Oregon Legislature, Post delivered a tribute to Nimoy, but unlike President Obama’s tribute, Post’s was self-serving and political.

“Today,” Post said, “is a sad day in history. Today, the greatest Republican in the history of the galaxy, passed away. He was a legal alien who believed in prosperity.”

He went on to presumably speak in Vulcan and give the Vulcan salute.

Here’s the video:

Of course, neither Spock nor Nimoy were Republicans. Star Trek is pro-science and about a big government in search of a utopian society. Its themes were equality (although the original Star Trek was sexist) and peace. There was no money on the Starship Enterprise. There were no rich or poor. All basic needs were provided for, including health care.

One of Spock’s most famous quotes was, “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

More basically, though, Post’s philosophy is the very antithesis of Spock’s. Post said, “that belief is the most important belief I have, and it drives my every thought process.”

Spock would have a very simple response to that philosophy: “illogical.”

As for Leonard Nimoy, he was a lifelong Democrat.

Image via YouTube screenshot.