This Malcolm X Debit Card Is A Giant Racist Fail-Pile (IMAGES)

“You can’t have capitalism without racism.” – Malcolm X

“Capitalism has outlived it’s usefulness.” – Martin Luther King Jr. just failed so miserably it boggles the mind. They have created a prepaid debit card that features the image of Malcolm X. A screenshot was taken by someone that shows an ad on Facebook for the card. The ad shows an image of the card and says:

“Progress still needs to be made. Respect the X when you order your Malcolm x card today.”

11017684_10203868159082167_3227268377601700996_n advertisement. Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Son of Baldwin

They also previously had a version that had both Malcolm and Martin Luther King. That one appears to have been pulled from the site.


Malcolm debit card. Photo Credit: screenshot via (1) Screenshot. Photo Courtesy: Bougie Black Girl is a prepaid debit card company. The industry is known for targeting poor people who are not able to partake in the cashless economy. They usually have ridiculous fees attached to them that end up eating away at what little money people who use them have.

The last thing you could do to “Respect the X” is to support an industry that is set up exclusively to exploit those who have already been exploited by the parasitic nature of capitalism. The cultural appropriation of both African Americans and revolutionary figures in general is nothing new. This instance however, is especially heinous. Both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were critics of capitalism, especially in regards to the intersection between racism and poverty. They were different in their solutions with Malcolm X advocating Black Nationalism as a means of gaining economic empowerment. Martin Luther King had a more unconventional idea in mind. He advocated for the creation of a guaranteed middle class basic income for all people.

While the two differed, they were both on the trajectory toward becoming much more alike in their beliefs. King changed becoming more militant in a non-violent fashion, distancing himself from the goals of the bourgeoisie black elite of the time. While Malcolm swiftly distanced himself from much of the rhetoric of Black Separatism found in the Nation of Islam, that he had embraced prior to his trip to Mecca.

History has a tendency to favor the viewpoint of oppressors. When people do not stay vigilant against the appropriation of the memories of revolutionary leaders and the ideals they stood for, the oppressor class will take them and twist them in to a perverse caricature that destroys the power they once had. This is why we see political leaders and pundits continually go on television and praise the progress of Martin Luther King Jr, even though everything they stand for is antithetical to his beliefs.

These egregious prepaid debit cards serve as a symbol for growing acceptance of oppressors adorning the masks of those who fought against them.

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