Girls Escape From Captivity, Reveal Years Of Abuse By Adoptive Parents (VIDEO)

The two girls were too young to be driving and they quickly got into an accident. When police responded, the girls related a story out of a Dickens novel. They insisted that they not be returned to their home but told authorities that there was a younger brother still being kept there. The girls, aged 11 and 13, had been able to pick the lock on their bedroom door, sneak out and take the family car.

When police went to the rural Ohio home they discovered the boy, who was locked in his room. The parents who kept the children like caged animals are David Moss and his wife Rejeana. They would keep the children locked in their rooms for 22 hours a day, often abusing them for the two hours they were out.

The Mosses were taken into custody and indicted on three counts each of kidnapping, felonious assault and child endangerment. David Moss was also charged with two counts of sexual battery and three of gross sexual imposition.

Believe it or not, the three children were placed with the Mosses by Ashtabula County Children Services, who had licensed the Mosses as qualified foster care parents. The three children had been placed with the Mosses for foster care, at first. However, once they were adopted, CPS no longer checked in on them. The head of the county CPS says that “no red flags were raised” at any point.

But the county prosecutor says that he has spoken to adult children of the Mosses who also told of being abused by their parents. He is puzzled as to how this information never came to light before the three children were placed in the home, telling Fox8:

“It’s a failure of our system. The system is broke. And for any child to be placed under the care of Mr. and Mrs. Moss was a terrible mistake.”

The prosecutor is correct: this is yet another indictment of the child protective system. Mother Jones just published an article about private fostering agencies. While the Mosses were not working for one of these, the lack of thorough vetting by Ashtabula County CPS is an issue shared by these private agencies. Whether it’s a government agency or a private company, children are being sacrificed on the altar of money.

For government agencies, the problem is a lack of money to hire enough case workers. For the private agencies, it’s just not enough money. With an average of about $75 per child, per day, there is a lot of money to be made. And greed too often drives the machinery. Companies like the Mentor Network and Positive Option Family Services have been accused of treating children like commodities.

I highly recommend reading the Mother Jones article. It will break your heart but it’s important that everyone knows about these private foster agencies. This is proof, as far as I’m concerned, that foster care — like prisons and schools — is an area where the government works better than private companies. There are just some things that should never be privatized.

The three Ohio children have been placed in new foster homes. Let’s hope that Ashtabula County Children Services properly vetted these. Those children have had enough horror in their short lives.

Here is the report from Fox8 in Cleveland:


H/T: Fox8 Cleveland  | Photo: screen capture