Racists Freak Out At The Trailer For Will Smith’s Latest Film, The Reason Is Truly Pathetic (VIDEO)

The trailer for Will Smith’s latest film has racists up in arms. But what got them so riled up?

Two words: Interracial relationship

The con-artist movie ‘Focus’ features Will Smith (he is black) and Margot Robbie (she is not black) as a couple.

Sorry sane people, this bullshit is still happening in the 21st century. The comments under the video are pretty much the most vile, bigoted nonsense you’ll have come across in some time. Below is some of the most popular hate-speech from the YouTube comments section.

The top-rated comment on the page comes from Denise Celt, who offers pearls of her own totally legit scientific wisdom:

“Race mixing is literally sick. Gene incompatibility creates a host of physical and mental problems. Jews love to promote sickness and evil.”

Just in case anyone missed the subtle undertones of Nazism in these comments, she helpfully followed it up with:

“Adolf was RIGHT! Heil Hitler!”
Dare Devil (clearly not ‘dare devil’ enough to post comments under his real name) backs up Celt’s Jewish Conspiracy. How’s this for insight?
“I just want to point out some facts. This movie was greenlighted by Warner Brothers President of Creative, Greg Silverman (Jewish), who only answers to the WB CEO, at the time it was Barry Meyer (Jewish).  If you look up the top CEO’s of Hollywood production companies you see that they are ALL Jewish. They are proven racists, (Sony CEO has emails to prove it). So when I read claims that race mixing is a Jewish conspiracy, it has some credibility since they are the ones greenlighting this film. Possibly with a social agenda?”

YouTube user Kurt Rustle:

Wake up White people. You see it, don’t you? Everywhere they push this. They have gotten bold, and the anti-white propaganda is everywhere in the media before your eyes. Are you going to stand for it? Are you going to just watch as your European race is annihilated in a very slow and cruel manner?

Anzu Futaba:

When are people going to have enough of this garbage and kick the Jews out of the US for trying to genocide whites via forced assimilation? Enough is enough, push them into the ocean!

All of these comments received hundreds of supportive upvotes. Why?

Firstly, the white-supremacist website DailySlave recently posted an item called “New Jew Hollywood Film ‘Focus’ Promotes Race Mixing Between Negro Male and Blonde Haired White Female,” which contains a link to the trailer. Their paranoid lunatic followers then dutifully paraded to the comments section to troll-on-demand.

Secondly, according to a recent Gallup poll, more than one in every ten Americans still oppose interracial marriage.

So whether we like it or not, too many people still hold this outdated view.

Thankfully, the bulk of opposition in the poll came from the over 65s. Let us hope the bigotry of these generations will die along with them, and we can start to move on from this toxic legacy of racism.

(Video/Featured image via YouTube)