Scott Walker Quietly Shoving Anti-Union Laws Down Wisconsin’s Throat

Continuing the anti-union agenda that the Koch brothers had him elected to enact, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is pushing through a “Right to Work” bill as quickly as possible so the public will not have time to weigh in on it:

Walker’s previous anti-union efforts were met with massive protests and triggered calls for the governor’s recall. Mike Browne, a progressive activist with One Wisconsin Now, told ThinkProgress he suspects lawmakers are moving quickly to try to avoid another uproar.

“They’re trying to do it as fast as they possibly can so people won’t be able to mobilize,” Browne said. “That’s why you call an extraordinary session. That’s why you announce it on a Friday afternoon. They know that when people find out, they aren’t going to like it.”

Because in Republican states, democracy is for suckers and the poor. Walker and his GOP cronies are bought and paid for by the 1%, and those are the only people they’re listening to.

And lest you think that we liberals are just being unfair, here’s a leading Republican admitting that, yes, they’re absolutely hiding this bill from the public:

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) acknowledged they were trying to move the bill fast to keep labor groups from mobilizing against it. “When you have the votes, you’ve got to go,” Fitzgerald told conservative radio host Charlie Sykes. “If we give the unions the opportunity to load, and suddenly we see sixty-second spots… that changes the dynamic and I’m not going to wait around for that.”

“If we give the unions the opportunity to load…” Right, because why give the people you’re attacking the chance to respond? That might sway public opinion or something and everyone knows that government shouldn’t be held accountable to the people, right?

The thing I find amazing about “Right to Work” laws is that they are diametrically opposed to everything conservatives say they stand for. If you’re unsure what these laws are, the basic premise is that a workplace with a union requires all the workers represented to pay union dues even if they don’t want to join the union. This sounds unfair until you realize that unions are required, by law, to represent and collectively bargain on behalf of everyone in the workplace even if they don’t want to join the union.

Is the picture suddenly becoming clearer? Now people don’t have to join the union and pay dues but get all the benefits of being in the union anyway.

Conservatives scream about freeloaders and handouts, but when asked to put their ideology into practice, they pass Right to Work laws instead. RTW literally codifies freeloading. If the right believed their bullshit even a tiny bit, they would agree that, sure, you can’t force non-union members to pay dues but then they shouldn’t get ANY of the benefits that unions secure for their workers. Want that higher pay? More sick time? A pension? Get it yourself if you can, you cheap prick.

But of course the entire point of RTW is to leach money away from unions and force them to spend money on freeloaders. This, eventually, breaks the union financially. And with the union out of the way, corporations are free to reduce salaries, cut benefits and eliminate pensions.

Wisconsin is the birthplace of American unions and Scott Walker is about to kill that proud history. No wonder Scott Walker is running for president. He’s exactly the kind of corrupt puppet the corporations want in the White House.

Just as an aside: Wisconsin had two chances to dump Walker and they re-elected him anyway. And a lot of those that voted for him were in unions. Several years from now, when your salaries are cut and your pensions go up in smoke and there’s no union to save you, take a look in the mirror and congratulate yourself on how thoroughly you screwed yourselves, jackasses.