Neo-Nazis Threaten To Murder Professor After Fox Hypes ‘Antiwhite’ College Class

“Right Wing Extremists Issuing Death Threats For Being Labeled Extremist”

It reads like an Onion headline and I wish it was but this is the world we live in now:

An Arizona State University professor and his family are being targeted by white supremacists and neo-Nazis over a controversial class he’s teaching called U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.

Lee Bebout, an associate professor of English at ASU, has faced fierce criticism after Fox News anchor Elizabeth Hasselbeck picked up on a recent report on the class from ASU student Lauren Clark, a correspondent for the right-wing website

Conservatives have lambasted Bebout for engaging in what they see as a kind of pointy-headed reverse racism, and for daring to suggest that the concept of “whiteness” — as defined by a history of slavery, genocide, and Jim Crow — may still play a role in American society.

These are the same people, Including Fox News (especially Fox News), that regularly marginalize minorities in America. They lament the lost days of slavery and Jim Crow even as Republicans pass new versions of them. They celebrate White Supremacy in America and want the status to stay very quo.

So why are they so angry that someone would discuss White Supremacy in a college classroom? That’s actually quite simple: As I’ve discussed before, modern White Supremacy only works as long white skin is invisible. That way, when a white person commits a crime, it’s only about that individual but when a black person does the same, magically it’s an indictment of all blacks.

If we start thinking of white people as “white” or, god forbid, stop thinking of black people as “black,” a lot of the advantages white people get for being the “right” color disappear. That is the most terrifying thing in the world to a White Supremacist. So, of course, discussing whiteness and White Supremacy in its proper historical context is, I kid you not, “antiwhite”:

“No longer will we have our identity destroyed and our people defamed,” NYF’s website stated regarding the operation. “This week, several of National Youth Front’s members went to ASU to raise awareness that we will no longer tolerate this antiwhite agenda. Over four hundred fliers were delivered over several days to both Lee Bebout’s neighborhood and ASU.”

If this anger over schools teaching American history sounds eerily familiar, it should. We literally just wrote about it this morning. Except instead of openly racist White Supremacists being outraged about teaching kids the history of slavery, genocide and Jim Crow in the United States, it’s Republicans:

Oklahoma HB 1380, introduced by Rep. Dan Fisher (R-CrazyTown) directed the Board of Education  to review AP guidelines and stop funding AP U.S. History classes. He claims that the course teaches “what is bad about America” and fails to teach “American exceptionalism.”

Both the Neo-Nazis (right-wing extremists) and Republicans (supposedly not extremists) are infuriated by the exact same thing for the exact same reason. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the state of the American right-wing, you haven’t been paying attention.


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