Twitter Blows Up With Awesome #ILoveObama To Honor His Accomplishments (TWEETS)

The Twitter world has another trending hashtag, and this time it’s something not stupid: #ILoveObama

Users of the social media site proudly proclaimed why they love the nation’s 44th President, for reasons ranging from things such as healthcare, gay rights, and abortion rights, to something trivial like, oh I don’t know, saving the world economy from the brink of destruction.

Here are just some of the awesome #ILoveObama tweets that will make you smile and make you love our amazing president even more:

I think these tweets really sum it all up:

This one really puts a smile on my face:

Yes we did. Twice. There are a thousand reasons why I love President Obama, and I think these tweets so eloquently express why I do. But what are some of your reasons why you love Obama?