That Time Jon Stewart Destroyed Tucker Carlson And Got A Show Cancelled (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart is calling it quits – at least in the format where we now know him. We’ll miss him. Perhaps what we’ll most miss is that over the years, he’s become our top media watchdog.

He earned that unofficial title in 2004, when he appeared on a now cancelled show called “Crossfire,” which starred Tucker Carlson (who’s now with Fox News) and Paul Begala. The format was for people on opposite sides of the aisle to battle it out. Stewart hated the show and he didn’t hide that fact.

Stewart began by saying that he has publicly accused Crossfire of being “bad” but went on to say that it’s not so much that it’s bad. It’s that it’s hurting America.

Carlson attacked Stewart for asking softball questions of some guests and Stewart responded, “I didn’t realize that – and maybe this explains quite a bit – that the news organizations looked to Comedy Central for their cues on integrity.”

When Carlson said to Stewart, “I thought you were going to be funny.”

Stewart glanced at Carlson and snidely said, “Nah, I’m not going to be your monkey.”

In fact, throughout the segment, Carlson criticizes Stewart for not being serious enough on his comedy show and for being too serious on Crossfire.

Within weeks, Crossfire was cancelled.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via YouTube video.