Papa John’s Stole Wages From Their Employees, Now They’re Paying An $800,000 Price Tag For It

The Papa John’s pizza chain opposes raising the minimum wage and giving health insurance to their employees, but the franchise also steals wages from its own workers, and now the corporation is paying a hefty price for it.

Last week, a New York judge ordered Emstar Pizza Inc., which operates several Papa John’s establishments, to pay back a whopping $800,000 in regular and overtime pay to employees they have been screwing over for years now.

According to RH Reality Check, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slapped Emstar with a lawsuit in December. The suit claimed that Emstar routinely “underreported hours worked by employees over the past six years, rounded employee hours down to the nearest hour, and did not pay overtime.”

Now, Schneiderman is taking aim at John Schnatter, the owner of the nations third largest pizza chain of restaurants. Thanks to a National Labor Relations Board ruling in July that McDonald’s is liable for wage theft at franchise locations because it is a joint employer, that means Papa John’s is responsible for the actions of its own franchisees.

As Senior Legal Analyst Jessica Mason Pieklo explains:

“Any legal action taken by Schneiderman would build off that July ruling and advance a similar charge that Papa John’s franchises operate through uniform standards tightly controlled by the franchise’s corporate parent.”

Should such a theory prove successful, it would make it possible for former employees to collect their stolen wages.

In other words, this is a huge victory for the millions of fast food workers around the nation, and it’s just the first salvo fired at Papa John’s.

“This judgment sends a clear message that like every other business in New York, fast food employers must follow the law,” Schneiderman said. “This Papa John’s franchisee brazenly violated the law, shaving employees’ hours and avoiding paying overtime by various means, including giving managerial sounding titles such as ‘head driver.’”

Gee, it kinda sounds like John Schnatter literally got rich by stealing from his own employees. After all, parent companies get a slice of the profits made by their franchisees. Combined with his refusal to pay his workers a living wage and his refusal to provide them with health insurance, it’s no wonder why Schnatter is able to live in such opulence. Here’s an aerial photograph of his sprawling 40,000 square foot castle in Kentucky, which includes a pool, a golf course, a 22 car garage, and a drawbridge.

Image via Mansions and More

Image via Mansions and More

In addition, Schnatter owns two other homes in Florida and Utah. All generously and unknowingly purchased by workers for John Schnatter with their stolen wages while they slave away in kitchens across the country with no health insurance. And conservatives have the nerve to wonder why fast food workers are going on strike. It’s because of greedy jackasses like this guy.

Image via YouTube user videogamedunkey

Image via YouTube user videogamedunkey

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