Gay Or Straight, These Gay Seniors Will Make You See Life Differently (VIDEO)

The fight is far from over, but the LGBT community has made so many advances in just a short amount of time that it’s easy to forget the struggles that have been overcome.

Video blogger Davey Wavey, in conjunction with the LGBT Community Center of the Desert, spoke to some LGBT seniors. In the short video, they reminisced about their lives but also gave some wonderful advice to young people – dare I say, both straight and gay.

The seniors range in age from 61 (is that really a senior?) to 75, with one woman refusing to say her age “on YouTube” because it will change tomorrow. “Every day it changes,” which is true.

Despite their designation as seniors, each of them are bursting with energy and humor – each smile more infectious than the last.

Despite their optimism, life hasn’t been easy for LGBT people who came of age in the 60s or 70s. They were isolated. Love was unrequited. Even gathering together was illegal; the bars had red lights that went on before a police raid. One said that when he and his partner tried to buy their first home, a Realtor refused to work with them.

The video turns emotional when the seniors discuss today’s world. Many are married, something they never imagined would happen. Some are amazed to be open and still have a job.

Their advice to younger generations is timeless. Essentially, it’s to be yourself, love yourself and embrace what makes you unique.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.