The Koch Brothers Have Decided On Your Next Leader: President Scott Walker

Every six months, Republican politicians, media personalities, and pundits gather for a self-titled seminar run by the brothers Charles and David Koch. Every four years, these oligarchs pick the presidential candidates for the Republican party. In 2011, Mitt Romney was their candidate; in 2007, it was John McCain. This year, rumor coming out of Palm Springs is that the Koch Brothers have decided to crown Scott Walker as the GOP candidate for president in 2016!

Their previous attempts have used a war hero, then a successful businessman, so why did they decide on using the college dropout who left after an attempt to run for student body president was foiled by a rule violation?

Most probably because he is completely and absolutely their servant. This was well demonstrated when The BEAST’s Ian Murphy crank called Governor Walker pretending to be David Koch. He owes everything to the Koch brothers, and cannot even step a toe out of line, or else he will lose everything he has. A political slave to big money. He lacks independent wealth, a stock portfolio to fall back on, or even a military career to monetize for support. This means, to the Koch Brothers at least, that he cannot go off-script, and will be their absolute servant.

He is their ideal candidate, so it should be no surprise. Now they will be funneling their billions behind Governor Walker, without restriction, thanks to Citizens United. He will have the entire Koch Brother umbrella of think tanks, blogs, and media outlets all supporting him. And support them they have, with all major right wing outlets now calling him a ‘grassroots favorite.’ The joke of governors now is being pushed center stage and celebrated as some kind of conservative hero. Just last week it was reported that Walker was not a candidate at all.

In the wake of the appointment, Walker has now formed a committee, something his opponents did months ago. This out-of-left-field support for Walker is likely the death knell for the presidential hopes of dozens of Republicans. Without Koch money, they simply can no longer compete against the Democratic grassroots financing of campaigns.

Why is the GOP bothering with a primary at all, when they have already modified the rules for the GOP’s selection of president such that their candidate will win regardless of primary and caucus results?