Wikipedia Declares War On Women, Gives Anti-Feminist Males Control Over Gender And Sexuality Entries

The anti-feminist GamerGate war rages on, and now Wikipedia has joined the sexist pigs by barring female editors from working on entries that deal with women’s issues, effectively giving control of these entries to the He-Man woman haters club.

As you’ll recall, GamerGate centers around sexist and misogynistic attacks against women in the gaming industry. Since August 2014, a group consisting of male gamers have targeted females in the industry with threats of violence and harassment, including rape and death threats.

It’s a small group of anti-female gamers who are leading the anonymous assaults from sites such as 4Chan and Reddit, but it appears the seventh most popular website on the planet has decided to aid their war on women.

This week, Wikipedia’s male-dominated Arbitration Committee voted to ban five female editors from contributing to any entry on the site that has to do with women. That’s right, Wikipedia has declared war on women and feminism in favor of sexist a**holes. One editor even refers to these women as the Five Horsemen of the apocalypse. How very “neutral” of them, right?

As Wikipedia editor Mark Bernstein wrote:

Yesterday, ArbCom announced its preliminary decision. A panel of fourteen arbitrators – at least 11 of whom are men – decided to give GamerGate everything they’d wished for. All of the Five Horsemen are sanctioned; most will be excluded not only from “Gamergate broadly construed” but from anything in Wikipedia touching on “gender or sexuality, broadly construed.”

By my informal count, every feminist active in the area is to be sanctioned. This takes care of social justice warriors with a vengeance — not only do the GamerGaters get to rewrite their own page (and Zoe Quinn’s, Brianna Wu’s, Anita Sarkeesian’s, etc.); feminists are to be purged en bloc from the encyclopedia. Liberals are the new Scientologists as far as Arbcom is concerned.

In other words, Wikipedia has given the anti-women forces of GamerGate complete control over entries in the free encyclopedia that have to do with women. They can literally re-write entries on women rights and gender equality. They can re-write GamerGate to portray themselves as the victims and continue the assault against their female targets by defacing their Wikipedia pages.

Basically, Wikipedia stripped women of their editing power and gave it to the sexist pigs of the men’s rights movement. Now the whole of women’s history can be re-written by men who hate women. This is an outrageous attack on women that should be strongly condemned around the globe. One way or another, Wikipedia needs to face a major backlash, and perhaps the most effective way to punish the website would be to refrain from donating money to them. If you’ve ever viewed Wikipedia, then you know that the site often asks for donations to keep Wikipedia running. Feel free to just ignore that solicitation until Wikipedia’s high court reverses its decision.

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