The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic (IMAGE)

Have you ever dreamed of moving to another part of the world, just to get away from it all? Well before you pack your bags and buy the next plane ticket to Switzerland, you should know they have the highest cost of living in the world. This information comes from an infographic made by the people over at the moving website, Movoto. They used data from Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, to create the infographic.

Movoto explains the map saying:

“This map shows the difference in living costs around the world using figures from the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. The Consumer Price Index, used to determine the difference in the living costs between countries takes into account the prices of groceries, transportation, restaurants and utilities.”

The CPI in the infographic is a relative indicator of a country’s living costs compared to New York. So, for instance, if a country has a CPI of 70, on average it enjoys 30% cheaper living costs compared to New York.

According to the data, Switzerland has the highest cost of living, while India has the lowest. The United States is colored red on the infographic with a CPI of about 76.

Here is the infographic:

Infogrpahic Courtesy: Movoto

Infogrpahic Courtesy: Movoto

To see more detailed data used, you can head on over to the Numbeo website. Or, you can check out this other cool graphic from Movoto, which shows the happiness levels of the entire world.


 Featured Image Credit: Infographic Segment via Movoto