Wyoming GOP Bill Allows Christians To Treat Gay People Like Crap While Hiding Behind Their Bibles

Conservatives in Wyoming are poised to pass a bill that would allow Christians to treat anybody they hate like sh*t, all while hiding behind their bibles.

Republican state Rep. Nathan Winters, who is also a conservative “Christian” pastor, wrote House Bill 83. The bill would allow Christians in Wyoming to use religious liberty as an excuse to discriminate against the LGBT community and is so broad that it could also serve as a shield for racism and sexism.

According to Winters, it makes people “free from oppression of government if they choose to exercise freedom of conscience.”

The bill states:

“Burden” means any action that directly or indirectly constrains, inhibits, curtails or denies the exercise of religion or moral conscience by any individual contrary to an individual’s exercise of religion…”

Furthermore the bill even says that a “sincerely held religious belief” doesn’t have to be “compelled by or central to a system of religious belief.”

For example, restaurant owners could refuse to serve gay people, African-Americans, or non-Christians and they can get away with it by simply claiming that their “religious liberty” gives them the right to do so. A doctor could refuse to perform an abortion procedure to save a woman’s life. A pharmacist could refuse to sell contraception to women. Employers could fire and refuse to hire gay people. Simply put, public and private citizens can basically discriminate against gay people and anyone else they consider inferior at will. And they can do this just by playing the religious liberty card.

County clerks would also be allowed to refuse to give marriage licenses to gay couples, even though the state Supreme Court recently ordered them to begin doing so.

Now, the bill does state that the government may burden religious liberty if it has an essential compelling interest to do so. But let’s be honest, conservatives hate the government so they’ll claim there isn’t a compelling interest anyway.

The broadness of the bill is totally transparent, too.

“This act shall be liberally construed in favor of the broad interpretation of the exercise of religious and moral conscience to the maximum extent permitted by this act…”

The bill also allows people to sue the government if they feel their religious beliefs have been violated. And as we all know, conservatives ALWAYS think their religious beliefs are being violated.

Basically, this bill gives Christians a license to discriminate against anybody and treat them unequally on religious grounds and serves as yet another example of how conservatives are abusing freedom of religion to advance their hateful agenda. It’s an embarrassment to the state, especially since the state is nicknamed ‘The Equality State’ and the state motto is ‘Equal rights.’ Looks like Wyoming can no longer lay claim to either if Republicans have their way.

Featured Image courtesy of thehairpin.com