Cops Caught On Camera, Kicking, Brutally Beating Handcuffed Man Calling For Jesus (VIDEO)

On Janury 12, a Michigan woman uploaded video showing two white police officers brutally assaulting a handcuffed black man, who was lying face down on the sidewalk. The video shows the cops repeatedly kicking, punching and swearing at the man. At one point the handcuffed man calls out for Jesus.

What’d you say?” one of the cops can be heard shouting on the video. “You’re calling for Jesus? Don’t you dare! Don’t you fucking dare,” the cop says, before slamming his knee into the man’s back and slapping him in the head.

According to the woman who recorded the incident in front of her home, she witnessed one of the officers pistol whipping the handcuffed man, prior to grabbing her video camera. The incident took place in a suburb of Detroit.

Here’s the video of the incident, via Emma Craig on Facebook.


According to the Detroit News, police have identified the man being beaten in the video as Andrew Jackson Jr. Grosse Pointe Park Department of Public Safety Chief, David Hiller, states that the man is a suspect in a carjacking. A spokesperson with the Michigan Corrections Department said that Jackson is a parole absconder. Police also made a point of mentioning that Jackson has ‘a lengthy criminal record.’

Hiller said that the incident is “being investigated.” During the same interview, however, Hiller called the actions of these officers “proper.” He made a point of calling Jackson a “serious felon,” a point which has nothing to do with anything.

It should go without saying that whether or not this man was involved in earlier crimes is not the issue. This video clearly shows police beating, kicking and assaulting a man who is neither threatening them nor resisting arrest. It shows two white cops sadistically beating a black man who is restrained and unable to defend himself. The criminal behavior of the cops, caught on camera in this video is the issue.

The way Hiller tells it, it’s not the job of law enforcement to arrest people so that they can be tried in a court of law. Instead, the cops job is to arrest, convict and dole out physical punishment, on the spot.

In reality, it is not the job of the cops to determine whether someone is guilty or innocent. It is not the job of the cops to inflict corporal punishment on anyone, regardless of how much of a ‘bad guy’ the accused appears in their eyes.

This is NOT a “proper” use of force. Nowhere is that more clear than at the moment Jackson calls out “Jesus,” and the cop knees him in the back and smacks him, for no other reason than it pisses him off.

Chief Hiller calls this ‘proper’ behavior for law enforcement?

Where are all the right wing nuts now, and why aren’t they defending this black man’s freedom of religion?

This is clearly a case where out of control cops decided to kick and punch a restrained man, just because they felt like it and because they thought they could get away with it. Whether or not they do get away with it depends a lot on whether or not people are willing to look the other way.

While the woman who captured the above video identifies the officers in the video as being with ‘ICE,’ the officers involved in this beating are with ‘ACTION,’ described as ‘a multi-jurisdictional stolen car task force made up of officers from Detroit, Grosse Pointe Park, Harper Woods and Highland Park’.

*Featured image credit: video screen capture, via Emma Craig, via Facebook