Mississippi Cop Shoots Roommate In The Head While Showing Off His New Gun

On January 7, a 28-year-old police officer in Brandon, Mississippi shot his roommate in the head.

Officials with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department told the Clarion-Ledger that the off-duty cop, Zachary Jason Creel had just purchased a new revolver and was ‘showing it off.’ He told police ‘the weapon discharged’ as he was taking it out of his holster to show his now-hospitalized roommate.

‘The weapon discharged?’

Isn’t saying that kind of like saying ‘The gun shot him’? I thought guns didn’t shoot people.

Talking Points Memo, which describes the incident as an ‘accidental shooting,’ quotes the Rankin County Chief Investigator as saying the gun ‘accidentally discharged’.

The gun did that?

According to the NRA, that’s impossible. Guns don’t shoot people. People shoot people, right? Or at least they don’t kill people. That’s been the rally cry of right wing gun nuts everywhere for years. Except when a gun ‘accidentally shoots someone,’ I guess.

It seems pretty clear that ammosexuals don’t actually believe that guns are never to blame when people get shot. In fact, they’re fine with their precious guns taking the blame in certain cases, like this one (and tens of thousands of others) defined as ‘accidental shootings,’ in which ‘the gun went off,’ or the gun ‘discharged,’ or the gun ‘fired,’ apparently all of its own free will.

What the gun-nuts are not OK with is gun owners (themselves) being being required by society to take responsibility for shooting injuries or deaths caused by firearms. They want everyone to accept the narrative that the people who buy the guns, the ammunition for the guns, the people who load the guns, the people who keep the guns in their homes, cars, garages, pick-up trucks and back pockets, bear no responsibility whatsoever for gun injuries and deaths.

Not surprisingly, no charges are expected to be brought against the Mississippi cop who shot his roommate in the head. What does it matter if this was a trained police officer playing with a loaded weapon?

As the Sheriff’s Department, the media and the cop himself tell it, it wasn’t Creel’s fault.

The gun did it.

If that’s the case, then the gun should be arrested for attempted murder.

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